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A Day In The Life of SANE (1 of 2)

by Wednesday Vail, Master SANE Certified Coach

Congratulations on making the commitment to go SANE!  Your program provides you with ALL the tools you need to optimize your health which you are currently learning about here in your orientation course.  The number one question our Certified SANE Coaches get is, “But where are the meal plans?!?”

As you already know, SANE is NOT a fad diet.  It’s not a diet at all!  It is a scientifically proven way of eating that helps us lower our set point, improve our health, and heal our relationship with food.  100% SANE works.

So why no meal plans?  That is simple.  All your SANE tools are specially designed to EMPOWER you.  We don’t tell you what to eat.  We help you learn how to eat SANEly and simply.

After reading your 7 Day Quick Start pdf you know that SANE fills our plates with:

  1. Non-starchy vegetables (NSV)
  2. Nutrient-dense protein (NDP)
  3. Whole food fats (WFF)
  4. Low fructose fruits (LFF, optional).  

Every single member of the SANE family is unique.  We all have different likes, dislikes, health goals, etc.  So having a customizable meal plan is essential to your personal SANE success!  

Let’s walk through simply creating your personalized meal plan together 🙂

First, set your Fitness Goal located on your homepage.  This will give show your daily goal servings of SANE food in the tracker.

Let’s start with the “Feel Great” goal as an example.

Feel Great Goal:

  •    8 servings of NSV
  •    3 servings of NDP
  •    3 servings of WFF
  •    0-3 servings of LFF

Watch this great quick start video on how to use your Recipes Database.  Then go to the Recipes page. Search for foods by title, ingredients you have in the fridge, and/or which meal you’d like to make.   

For example, I like green smoothies for breakfast in the car on my way to work. I have spinach,  strawberries, and avocado on hand.  I choose the “smoothie filter” and then type in those three ingredients. And my result is the perfect fit for me!  Strawberry Milkshake Green Smoothie.

  • Breakfast = 2 NSV, 1 WFF, 1 NDP, and 1 LFF.

(Note: For the next few meals I still have to get in 6 NSV, 2 NDP, and 2 WFF.)


Now I need to decide on lunch.  I have leftover grilled chicken from the night before, so I don’t need to cook a protein, I need a vegetable side.  I filter by “side” and type cauliflower into the ingredients box. The Mock Mashed Potatoes sound great for a cold day, and plus I can make it quickly using the microwave.  I pack 2 fist sized scoops.

  • Lunch = 1 NDP, 2 NSV

(Note: For the next few meals I need to get in 2 NSV, 1 NDP, and 2 WFF.)


After a stressful morning at work, by 3pm, I feel like I want a treat or just something…. I am having cravings.  I pour myself a cup of decaf tea, and eat a Cravings Killer Bar.

  • Snack = 1 WFF

(Note: For dinner I still need to get in 2 NSV, 1 NDP, and 1 WFF.)


I knew that after work I would be exhausted and in need of something easy.  I had put a bag of shrimp in the fridge to defrost when making my smoothie this morning.  I had searched for a dinner that had shrimp.  One of the first results, said only 10 minutes to prepare!  Bayou Shrimp. Perfect!  I didn’t know if I like leftover shrimp, so I halved the recipe.  For my side dish, I typed “Cajun” into the search box, and found Cajun Asparagus.  I only had 2lbs of asparagus on hand, so I also halved the recipe.  My husband is slowly going SANE, but not quite on board.  So I heated up some French bread for him.

  • Dinner: 1 NDP, 2 NSV, and 1WFF

(Note: I reached all my SANE servings goals!)


Now you try!

If you need some extra inspiration, take a peek at a few sample days we have included below.  We have chosen some preferences/lifestyles to demo how to hit your SANE servings goals in one day using our recipe index!

Remember, that you can always get extra help personalizing your own SANE meal plan in your coaching and support group!

Congratulations on making the commitment to go SANE! By now you have already gone through the course, “How To Use Your Tools” and are feeling ready to jump on in!

Except for one little question…

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