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How To Get Help

Chat With Your Personal SANE Success Specialist!

Your SANE Success Specialist is your personal champion, concierge, single point of contact, and super pal! This means you will never feel confused, overwhelmed, or wonder what to do next, because you will never be alone.

For example, not sure what to do next? No need to email customer support or to try to talk to a computer ;)… Instead, call, email, or text your SANE Success Specialist and they will personally ensure you’re taken care of!

TIP: Your SANE Success Specialist will personally take care of everything other than giving eating, exercise, and emotional coaching… Plus, they can connect you with your SANECertified Coach to make sure that you get the scientifically proven and genuinely loving eating, exercise, and emotional coaching you deserve!

Please reach out to your SANE Success Specialist via their direct email, phone, or text… or if you haven’t connected with your SANE Success Specialist yet, please email SANELiveNow@gmail.com or use the fun tool below to setup a perfect time to chat 🙂