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1-on-1 SANE Certified Coaching

Want to improve your health and fitness?  Science says don’t do it alone!

Making changes to improve your health is not easy.  Achieving successful and permanent weight loss without any help is almost impossible.  Research shows that if you want to see results and enjoy lifelong success the key factor is support.   According to the research, people in weight loss programs who interacted with others in the same program saw greater results than those who did not.

In a study by the National Institutes of Health, researchers compared the effectiveness of different forms of support.  The data was clear.  While support was shown to be helpful among all participants, those who received support in the form of direct coaching saw significantly greater results than their peers who did not.  Research from the Mayo Clinic also finds that the benefits from working with a coach last over time.  In a study, participants had 12 sessions with a wellness coach. After completing the coaching sessions the participants showed significant improvements in all areas.  In a 6 month follow-up, researchers found the participants had not only maintained their initial results, they also experienced continued improvements!

SANECertified Coaching and Your Smarter Success

Your Premium SANE Plan provides you with the proven science needed to achieve your health and weightloss goals.  By working through the entire SANE Step-by-Step program you will learn the scientifically proven “what” and the “why” behind your goals.  Of course knowledge alone is not enough.  You still need the “how”.    Applying the science to fit your personal health and fitness goals is the most challenging piece of going SANE.  It takes time, consistency, and effort.   Based on data compiled from our members and on the most recent scientific studies, working with an expert SANECertified Coach will ensure you enjoy SANE Success for the rest of your life.

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How SANECertified Coaching Works

Using evidence based techniques and years of personal experience your expert SANECertified coach will help you work through the entire Step-by-Step program at your own pace, talk about how to apply SANE in your life, and help you identify and implement the key process goals for achieving your dreams.  You will also receive help:

  • Getting off to a great start: Change is uncomfortable and scary.  Working with your coach will help you feel more confident and not alone!  Your coach will help you get started, avoid overwhelm, and help focus your time and energy on one thing at a time.
  • Defining your personal health goals: The key to any successful journey is to first define where you are going. With your coach you will set realistic health goals that fit your unique needs and together create a doable road map to reach your optimal health.  
  • Personalizing the program: You are unique.  You are one of a kind.  And you deserve to have a way of eating and exercise that fits your your life.  SANE looks different for every person, and  with your coach you will tailor SANE to fit all your needs.  
  • Tracking your progress and celebrating your success: Sometimes it is too easy to get focused on “how far I still have to go”.  Speaking with a coach will help you build confidence and motivation at the same time you are building SANE mastery
  • Identifying obstacles and making effective plans to overcome them: Talking through your unique obstacles and gaining outside perspective will help you create a realistic plan for success.  Coaches have lots of real life SANE experience and creative problem solving that they would love to share with you all while helping you adapt SANE to fit your unique needs.
  • Preventing backslides: Feeling like you messed up, failed, or “fell off the wagon”, is a motivation killer!  Coaches can help you weather and even prevent the negative self talk that would otherwise sabotage your efforts.
  • Achieving a SANE Mind: Having the right knowledge is not enough to make lasting change. You need to cultivate a SANE mindset as well.  WIth the help of your coach build your own personalized bridge across the implementation gap!
  • Ensuring all your questions are answered: Sometimes a concept might not make sense to you.  Having a discussion about it with your coach will ensure that you are comfortable in your understanding and knowledge of all the SANE principles.  Plus they will show you how to implement this knowledge in your own life.
  • Brainstorming and awareness building: Awareness is always the first step in making any change.  Feel safe while exploring your goals, obstacles, fears, dreams, annoyances, options, solutions, and feelings with your coach.  You can count on your coach to listen without judgment and with helpful insight.
  • Implementing practical tips and techniques: Coaches not only help hundreds of people Go SANE every day, they are also living their own SANE journeys. So they have lots of real life tips, ideas, and experiences to share with you!
  • Busting plateaus: You don’t have to fear or dread plateaus when you have a coach you can go to for help and advice!  Coaches are skilled at identifying factors that might be contributing to your feeling stuck.  Never feel stuck again as your coach helps you continue making consistent progress every day.
  • Staying  focused: Life happens and sometimes gets in the way of the best laid plans.  Coaches will help you refocus on your goals and help you adjust your journey as needed when life happens.  Members who have coaching help typically see greater results 6 months sooner due to consistency, rather than those without the expert guidance of a coach.
  • Feeling empowered: Diets tell you what to do when you are “dieting” but they don’t tell you what to do when you are not.  Your coaches will ensure that you are empowered with the tools, information, and support you need to make your own decisions about eating and exercise for the rest of your life.  SANE Coaches will “teach you to fish” so you can take back control over your life!
  • Staying accountable: You are more likely to follow through with your action plan if you spend time crafting it with your coach and then assess how it went after the fact.  Coaches can’t force you to do anything, but they truly care about helping you shape your SANE journey to be as effective for you as possible.  
  • Avoiding “New Year’s Resolution” Syndrome: Thinking about change can be really exciting!  However excitement alone can fade and it is easy to lose focus.  Regular check in’s with your coach will keep you focused and on track
  • Maintaining Privacy and confidentiality: Your thoughts and emotions deeply matter.  You can trust your SANE Coach will truly listen while providing you with a safe and comfortable relationship.
  • Ensuring an Individualized focus: You are important and one of a kind. There is no other person on this earth who is exactly like you, nor will there ever be.  You deserve individual attention and help!    
  • Personalizing Recipes/Meal Plans: Your taste preferences, budget, lifestyle, cooking skills, time, and dietary restrictions are unique to you!  Your coach will help you come up with a plan for SANE eating that works realistically and sustainably in your life.


READY? If you have have questions about SANECertified Coaching or think caring 1-on-1 coaching could help you reach your health and weight-loss goals, please click here and we’ll help you get started


#SANE4Life Pro Tip: Prepare for your first 1:1 SANECertified Coaching Session by identifying what areas of your SANE journey your SANECertified Coach can help you with right now.  Have a discussion with your coach about how they can best help you.  Revisit this list every 2-3 months to see if your priorities and preferences have changed and work with your SANECertified Coach to adjust accordingly.

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