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Am I Eating Too Many Nuts?

With The Biggest Loser's Jay and Jen Jacobs, and Jonathan Bailor

Jay: Hey Jonathan, I got a question for you. Like many people, I am a big fan of nuts and seeds and things like that and I know that you very much fit into Smarter Science of Slim, but the challenge I have got is I can eat a little bit of them, but I can eat this whole bag. Once I get started, for me this is like my new potato chips.

Almonds, I love them, they are great same thing like the potato chip to me, so I would be careful and my newest favorite things are chia seeds. I love chia seeds with coconut milk. I mix them together, it’s kind of like — instead of having yogurt at night, I have been having chia seeds and coconut milk together with some fruit. So, I love them, they are great for me. I know that and I know you are not being on counting calories, but the concern I have got is that if I don’t pay attention to it, I can just kind of go crazy with them. So, any suggestions should I have those more in the morning, may be not at night, any kind of advice on that would be greatly appreciated? Look forward to your response. Thanks.

Jonathan: Great call Jay with the concern about nuts being in a sense a new potato chip. It’s certainly pretty easy to overeat nuts. I have — especially if you put in a nut butter form, it’s natural peanut butter. My father eats these peanut butter popsicles he calls them and probably overdoes it. The key thing that I find is actually what you are doing with the chia seeds is perfect because you are taking the chia seeds and you are mixing them with another very satisfying food, some Greek yogurt for example or some fruits.

Things that I find to be very, very helpful is basically though the one tip to keep in mind is not eating nuts by themselves. That can lead to overeating, but if you combine them like you want to have a snack, you got some nuts [indiscernible 00:00] some protein or some nuts with hardboiled egg or mixed some seeds or some almonds in with some Greek yogurt, things like that or even vegetables, really any kind of vegetable, that’s a wonderful snack, nuts, wholesome vegetable, the key thing is eating those nuts with another high satiety food, that’s going to fill you up, provide a bunch of nutrition, provide all kinds of hormonal goodness in your body and protect you from overeating automatically. [indiscernible 00:00] just be too full to overeat.