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NBC’s Emmy Award Winning Jean Enerson Goes SANE

Interviewer1: Eat more, exercise less and still lose weight, sounds too good to be true, right?

Interviewer2: A Microsoft programmer and former personal trainer says it works if you are smart about it. Jean Enerson had to see for herself.

Jonathan: Refrigerator looks like how we eat more smarter.

Interviewer1: The eat more part sounds good to me.

Jonathan: Yes.

Interviewer1: Walk in to Jonathan Bailor’s kitchen and you will find a refrigerator bulging with nutritious food.

Jonathan: You can actually see we have quite a bit of food in this.

Interviewer1: Oh my Gosh, yes.

Jonathan: Refrigerator. This is for myself and my small wife for two weeks. Low fat, cottage cheese, non-fat plain Greek yogurt, salmon.

Interviewer1: No surprises there, but wait, what’s this? Peanut butter! You don’t think of peanut butter and nuts as being low calorie. So, how’s this in your diet?

Jonathan: Exactly. The diet isn’t about being low calorie. It’s about being high nutrition and high nutrition will indirectly make sure you don’t overeat. So, key thing this is natural peanut butter, the ingredients are peanuts. No added sugars. No hydrogenated oils. Natural peanut butter.

Interviewer1: He says buying in bulk is a key since the diet is not cheap. Go for protein and non-starchy vegetables — translation.

Jonathan: If it grows above ground, thumbs up. If it grows below ground, thumbs down.

Interviewer1: Eat as much as you want, but eat smart.

Jonathan: Your diet determines 90 percent of your long-term health. That’s been proven in study after study after study. So, there is nothing you can do in the gym to make up for putting garbage into your body.

Interviewer1: Jonathan uses his computer programming skills to analyze a thousand research studies to find the best food and the best exercises to lose weight.

Jonathan: If I wanted to move you, if I did this three times versus three thousand times, you are never going to move. Think about the hormones in your body the same way. If you do this three times versus three thousand times, it’s never going to flip the switch. What you need to do is a lot of force, but just a little bit and that’s going to cause that reaction.

Interviewer1: He says you need only 10 minutes a week to trigger the body’s fat burning hormone.

Jonathan: Yes.

Interviewer1: Exercise 10 minutes a week?

Jonathan: 10 minutes a week, 10 to 20.

Interviewer1: But as I found out, don’t expect easy, it’s got to burn.

Jonathan: [indiscernible 02:15] you count one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, knees down, push up.

Interviewer1: That’s hard. The idea is that if you can make it to 11, you didn’t put enough effort into it.

Jonathan: It’s awesome.

Interviewer1: I am feeling pain.

Jonathan: Good pain or bad pain?

Interviewer1: Good pain. He said it’s not about being perfect or about deprivation. I know the spinach and salmon look good, but…

Jonathan: No.

Interviewer1: This looks great.

Jonathan: So, why don’t you give me a little taste here?

Interviewer1: What is this I am eating?

Jonathan: This is chocolate, whey protein powder, cocoa, natural peanut butter, little bit of flaxseed oil and little bit of cinnamon.

Interviewer1: So, it’s like healthy fudge.

Jonathan: Absolutely and you can bake it and turn it into a brownie.

Interviewer1: This will be good. I will be taking this home.

Jonathan: [indiscernible 03:08] taking this with me.

Interviewer2: Make no mistake about it. You are not going to win a marathon using this approach, but it is a scientific based way to lose weight and stay slim. Log on to the healthlink page of King5.com to view Jonathan’s website and a list of non-starchy vegetables.