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Should I Take Supplements & Do Metabolic Testing?

with Jay and Jen Jacobs, and Jonathan Bailor

Jay: Hey Jonathan, as you know, Derek Johnson, the executive nutrition director for The Biggest Loser Resort as well as the creator and founder of New Metabolism was the person that turned us on to the Smarter Science of Slim back in January. He felt that that book would be my and Jennifer’s new bible for really learning and living the rest of our life really in balance with how we wanted to move beyond just weight loss, but really living a whole new level of fitness and vibrancy.

At the same time, one of the things that Derek suggested that we do is he suggested we get a metabolic test and so I just received today the casket which is for blood sample and a urine sample and when I get the results back I will share them with you, but the reason why I wanted to reach out to you today was to find out with all the science, with all the findings that you have got, what can you share with us about anything that has to do with metabolic testing or supplementation and I know you should eat great foods and good foods, and you get all the supplements that you need, but I got to believe there is somewhere along that line like anything else, there is some kind of science it’s there that we should have maybe a baseline and understanding of what our metabolism is about. So, any insights along that line would be very helpful.

Jonathan: Metabolic testing and supplementation is definitely an interesting topic. I personally am quite the data geek, so getting my metabolism test is extremely interesting to me. Can metabolic testing and supplementation be helpful for people? Absolutely. However, the key thing we should keep in mind is that people kept themselves healthy and fit for literally hundreds of thousands of years before any kind of our new health related products or services existed.

This is an important thing to keep in mind because day in and day out we hear about the new product or the new service that’s what enable us to finely achieve health and fitness, but maybe think about it this way, if you have a headache, you can take aspirin and that might make the headache go away temporarily, but the headache wasn’t caused by an aspirin deficiency and science has shown us that we are not overweight and sick today because we have a supplement deficiency, what we were deficient in is the nutrition found in food.

Unfortunately, we don’t eat food anymore. We eat food-like products. We eat highly processed starches and sweets. So, can supplementation and metabolic testing be helpful? Absolutely. Will it be as helpful as eliminating the cause of obesity which is these processed starches and sweets and replacing them with natural whole foods like non-starchy vegetables, high quality sources of protein and whole food natural fats? No way.

If we get those basics right, metabolic testing and supplementation can help, let’s make sure we have got those basics right that we are eating a lot of nutrient dense food and that we are getting a little high quality exercise and then let’s build off that strong foundation.