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FOXNews Goes SANE (4 of 4)

Interviewer: Have you ever walked into a gymnasium and thought where in the world do I start? How does this machine work?

Interviewer1: Yes, that’s a feeling shared by many Americans who made a New Year’s resolution to workout and today we are here to help.

Interviewer2: How did you know that Elizabeth?

Interviewer1: I know, thanks.

Interviewer2: Jonathan Bailor is the author of The Calorie Myth. Jonathan, help us this year. Congratulations on the book.

Jonathan: Thank you so much. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Interviewer2: [indiscernible 00:24] this out this year?

Interviewer3: What is The Calorie Myth?

Jonathan: The Calorie Myth is this idea that we need to consciously count calories versus just eating the right quality of food and letting our body take care of that for us.

Interviewer3: What’s the right thing that we should be eating?

Jonathan: The right thing we should be eating are things we ate for generations, thousands of generations before we had an obesity epidemic. So, whole foods you find directly in nature.

Interviewer1: Okay, you have to actually workout less, but workout differently, right? By focusing on more efficient [indiscernible 00:48].

Jonathan: Yes, modern exercise science has shown us that we can actually work an entirely different set of muscle fibers in our body. Imagine if you have never worked your biceps before, what you could achieve [indiscernible 00:57]

Interviewer3: Why are you looking at me?

Jonathan: When we exercise smarter, we exercise with more force, but for shorter periods of time. We work more muscle fibers and we get better results.

Interviewer3: That’s two-o-one.

Jonathan: That’s two-o-one. So, the primary way to do this and the good news is you don’t need complicated equipment, you don’t even need to go to a gym. One of my favorite ways to do this is what’s called eccentric training. So, you focus on lowering down rather than lifting weights. So, it’s lowering versus lifting weights.

Interviewer2: All right.

Interviewer1: Okay.

Jonathan: May I show you an eccentric pushup?

Interviewer1: Sure.

Jonathan: So, this is something…

Interviewer1: Eccentric.

Jonathan: This is eccentric, yes and a lot of people who may be have tried to do pushups historically haven’t been able to because they are challenging movement, but a lot of us could do the eccentric portion or the lower down. So, instead of worrying about doing a full on pushup what you could do is just slowly lower yourself down.

Interviewer1: That kind of happens anywhere, right?

Jonathan: Exactly.

Interviewer3: Coming up part, that is the hard part.

Jonathan: Then may be if you can’t push yourself up, put your knees down do that portion up, so again make the up portion easier.

Interviewer1: So, we are going to try.

Interviewer3: That’s eccentric.

Interviewer2: Down portion [indiscernible 01:56] right?

Jonathan: Exactly, yes.

Interviewer1: Hang on.

Jonathan: So, now we are just real slow for about 10 seconds, I want you to lower down and then once you get to this hardest portion of the movement right here, just hold it.

Interviewer1: Okay, I am not holding it any more.

Jonathan: No, that’s brilliant, that’s brilliant. Now push yourself up on your knees.

Interviewer3: Yes, push yourself up.

Jonathan: Keep your knees down.

Interviewer1: Knees down okay.

Jonathan: Push yourself up.

Interviewer1: Yes.

Jonathan: Put your feet back and now lower yourself down.

Interviewer1: Okay, that’s good. Can I use my knees again?

Jonathan: Yes, absolutely.

Interviewer1: Okay and what we were talking on the phone…

Interviewer3: While they continue to do this, we are going to step aside. Jonathan Bailor’s new movie. It’s not a movie. His new book is called The Calorie Myth. Jonathan, thank you very much.

Jonathan: [indiscernible 02:42] thank you.

Interviewer3: Are you okay?

Interviewer1: No I am staying down here for a nap [indiscernible 02:45]. This is my pushup right there. Is it time to go to bed yet? No. Knees up.