How To Get Help

Need Help? Good news!

You have an entire team devoted to helping you get started and easily enjoy all your SANE tools and resources 🙂 From tech support to connecting with your Certified SANE Coach, your SANE Success Specialist and Customer Delight Team will make sure you are personally taken care of!

—Priority Email Tech Support

For email help with non-eating, non-exercise, and non-emotional issues, enjoy priority access to your Customer Delight Team at You can get help on how to use your SANE tools, where you can find a certain SANE resources, as well as membership and SANEStore assistance.

—Speak with Your SANE Success Specialist

To speak with your SANE Success Specialist, and to make sure you never have to wait on hold, please pick any time that works below and your SANE Success Specialist will personally take care of you.

—Eating, Exercise, and Emotional Coaching

For eating, exercise, and emotional coaching, your SANE Certified Coaches are here to help you with open arms 24/7/365 in your Coaching and Support Group. Click Here to Learn More. If you would like to learn more about 1-on-1 coaching calls with your SANE Certified Coach, please schedule a call with your SANE Success Specialist below.