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Bonus Bonus: The Calorie Myth Countdown Ep. 2

JONATHAN: Hey, everybody, Jonathan Bailor back with Round Two of Six in our countdown to the launch of the Calorie Myth – and friends I got to tell you I really honestly could not be anymore excited about anything as I am for the release of this book. This truly is the culmination of well over a decade of research, my life and the efforts of so many people, so it is such an honor to be sharing with you some of these myths that we’re going to be hopefully freeing everyone all around the world from starting in 2014, the book comes out on 12-31, New Year’s Eve, no better way to ring in the New Year, no better way to spend Amazon gift cards, no better way to help your family and friends live better lives and to free them from mythical calorie math that has been disproven for decades, but we simply haven’t been told about, so please do after listening to this show. Hop over to thecaloriemythbook.com, again that’s thecaloriemythbook.com, because if you pre-order now, you can get a bunch, a bunch, a bunch, a bunch of exclusive bonus gifts, such as videos and e-books and other fun stuff like that. So, without further ado, continuing our six week journey to every single week leading up to the launch of the Calorie Myth on New Year’s Eve, sharing with you one more story on how ridiculous this calorie math as it has been portrayed to us is, let’s talk about our friend Jane.

So, Jane weighed 130 lbs. on her 21st birthday. Now, fast forward 20 years and 3 kids later. So, now Jane is 41 years old, and weighs 150 lbs. Okay, okay — according to this mythical manually calorie balancing we’ve all been taught, Jane gained these 20 pounds over 20 years because she didn’t manually balance calories. Well, precisely enough, right? She just needed to be more precise and needed to do a little bit more metabolic math, needed to spend a little bit less time at the dinner table enjoying her food and more time with the calculator, right? In fact, we can be very specific according to these calorie myths because according to this metabolic math, dear Jane has exceeded her calorie quantity quota by about 9.5 calories per day over the past 20 years, right? We know that, it’s actually if we take 9.5, 9.6 calories per day, multiply that by 365 days in the year, and multiply that by 20 years, we get 70,000 surplus calories, which if we divide by 3,500 calories in a pound of fat, we get 20 pounds of body fat. So, there we go, boom — math is easy, but it is ridiculous. Our body is not a mathematical equation. It is a biological organism and it is absolutely not the case that if dear, brilliant, beautiful Jane had just cut out let’s say, three-fourths of a saltine cracker, which is about 9.5 calories, then she would have avoided gaining any weight, even after having three kids and getting 20 years older. False. That is absolutely false and it is ridiculous and if it were true, then let’s say Jane accidentally under-ate by a measly 100 calories per day or if any of us under-ate by a measly 100 calories per day, we would each lose about 100 pounds every ten years. According to the metabolic math that is fictional, ridiculous, and been disproven in every single study that has ever examined it, anyone who eats 100 fewer calories per day, should lose — or 100 calories fewer than they need per day — should lose 100 pounds every ten years. Obviously that’s not how our body works and obviously we shouldn’t continue to be told these calorie myths.

We’re all about science, we’re all about progress and we’re all about freedom in every other area of life. So, let’s get up on the science. Let’s celebrate the progress that has taken place in the nutrition and exercise arenas over the past 40 years and let’s free ourselves from these calorie myths – and I would so appreciate your support and of course you will get massive help doing so — all sorts of science — all sorts of recipes — all sorts of practical guidance on how exactly to free yourself, and your friends and family from all of these calorie myths and much, much more.

In the new book, the Calorie Myth, which you can pre-order along with a bunch of awesome additional bonuses, for a limited time, until New Year’s Eve, when the book comes out by visiting thecaloriemythbook.com. Again, that’s thecaloriemythbook.com. Thank you so much again for joining us, free yourself from the Calorie Myth and I’ll chat with you soon.

A special bonus bonus podcast counting down to The Calorie Myth launch on 12.31.13.


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