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Bonus Bonus: The Calorie Myth Countdown Ep. 1

JONATHAN: Hey everybody, Jonathan Bailor back with actually — not back — for the first time, the first ever Calorie Myth book count down, extra bonus episode. Oh, yeah, we are six weeks away from the launch of the Calorie Myth book and wanted to commemorate that countdown with one extra super special short height driven, hopefully will make you smile show per week all about calorie myth not adding up. Six stories, each getting progressively more shocking and more daring shall I say to the supposed Calorie Myths that have kept us all counting and doing math instead of eating and enjoying lives of Simple Slimness, which we all know now can be possible from eating more and exercising less, but smarter.

So, Story Number One. Story Number One has to do with our fictional friend, Beth. Beth is a 35 year old, 140 lb. woman. Poor Beth has no job, no hobbies, no families or friends, so she is able to spend all of her time manually balancing calories, because frankly friends, if we really were to need to calculate the precise number of calories we took in and burned off we would have to do something no scientist in history has ever been successfully able to do, so it would be a full time job.

So, thanks to Beth’s hours and hours of free time, she is able to trim. She is able to successfully trim a modest 400 calories out of her diet and this diet has kept her at about 140 lbs. for the past 10 years. Now let us do this supposed calorie math we’ve all been taught as gospel.

Four hundred calories per day for three years is 438,000 calories. Now, remember, according to the metabolism is like math myth, we’ve got 3,500 calories in a pound of body fat, so we know that if Beth is able to trim 400 calories out of her diet we just take 438,000, divide that by 3,500 calories at a pound of fat and poof — Beth loses and our friends on the network reality shows would be proud — she loses 125 pounds of body fat — and no caffeine pills needed. Beth started weighing at 140 lbs. and now she weighs 15 lbs. after three years of cutting 400 calories per day. That’s 400 calories per day which is quite conservative by mainstream estimates. Done for just a measlythree years, equals 438,000 fewer calories, which if the math is correct, which you and I both know it isn’t, but if it were — means that Beth should weigh 15 lbs., after three years of successfully cutting only 400 calories. It’s simple, but it’s wrong. It’s also simple to say that the sum of any 2 numbers is 43, but that’s wrong. There may be 15 lb. 35 year olds in the fictional fat loss world, the world where we continue to be constrained by calorie myths, but not in the real world. The world which is dictated by science and not myths, calorie myths and false metabolic math.

So, maybe this is why our good friend, Geoffrey Cannon, told us that eating less causes the condition it was meant to cure. The more we endure cycles of dieting, the more our bodies become trained to seek out food, slow down vital functions and conserve built-in energy in the form of body fat. Cheers Mr. Cannon and folks, we are only six weeks away from The Calorie Myth launch, so please go over and check out thecaloriemythbook.com again, that’s thecaloriemythbook.com because if you are able and so kind and so willing as to pre-order the book, we’ve got all sorts of exclusive pre-order bundles over there for you to check out, so please, again, head over to thecaloriemythbook.com, support the cause, free yourself from the Calorie Myths and I’ll see you soon.

A special bonus bonus podcast counting down to The Calorie Myth launch on 12.31.13.


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