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Certainly we are going to have a lot of fun.  I’ve got some amazing questions that folks sent in beforehand and of course please let’s do back and forth chat, follow-up with questions and answers in chat.  It’s always a fun time.  We have got the same goals we always have of having a really loving and wonderful experience here.  Feel that sense of community and again so honored that you joined the Ignite Family and joined for another group session today.  I want to definitely provide some specific cutting edge information for you.  I actually got some questions asking for some cutting edge new stuff.  I’m going to talk about that and also adhere to the same principle of teaching us how to fish rather than just giving fish.  Even though fish are very sane, so being given fish is not the worst thing in the world; simply because we need to do this for our entire lives, to live our best lives.  So understanding the principles and understanding how to make decisions at all kinds of different context is super, super helpful.  Of course we are going to have a really fun time.

Already, Sabby is just crushing it.  She is providing tech support in the chat which is awesome.  So yes, please let’s blow up the chat box.  Let’s keep this interactive; we are here for 90 minutes-ish, 90 minutes minus two as of right now; so 88 left.  It’s going to be an action packed 88 minutes.  So let me know if you have any questions coming in the chat box.  I will do them on a first come first served bases.

And Holley if you can’t get sound or just as a general rule of thumb for everybody, all of these are recorded so please make sure you don’t share any private information.  Because you are going to be recorded and shared and available for you in your ignite program.  We may also transcribe them; so worst case scenario if you can’t hear anything here and you can’t read lips, then it’s okay because we will have a recording available for you within about 48 hours.  You can actually access the previous recordings, so when you login into your SANE program, go on to the bottom and you click on the stay motivated section.  You will see them there.

Alright, let’s see here, Holley still not able to get any audio.  I’m so sorry about that Holley.  We will definitely follow up afterwards.  I’m not really sure what else to do.  It sounds like other folks have the audio, so I’m really sorry about that.  But a recording is certainly going to be available and we can certainly get someone on the phone with you afterwards to troubleshoot.

But let us proceed.  Right now if that is okay.  So let’s get started with some questions.  And actually I wanted to bring some updates.  Some cutting edge updates for everybody here.  We just found out actually in the last coaching session I had alluded to a SANE super food that we are going to be coming out with here pretty soon that will help with crunchy cravings.  If you are familiar with that cravings killer this is going to be a crunchy cravings killer whole food, super good for you, fantastic source of very hard to find amino acids and just a delicious whole food.  And we find out that we have got USDA approval for that.  So we are on track for hopefully something around April.  You are going to see some good news coming out.  So that’s a very exciting.

Also by popular demand we have our developers working hard at enabling the recipes which there is now like 1200 of – 1200 recipes on the Ignite website.  Trying to make those more printer friendly; so we are going to try hopefully soon — hopefully, I’m putting myself out of the line here.  If I say it here, it’s got to happen.  So hopefully soon you will be able to print those more easily and they will work better.  That’s always cool and also stability enhancements coming for the app as always.  So that’s always good stuff.

So, Holly, the last thing is sometimes your browser has a different audio setting then the other aspects of your computer that might be helpful.  I can also hear that this is a — here is a super advanced technique.  We are using Google hangout to do this.  So there is a secret YouTube page that you can go to see this.  Which no one else in the world has access to; so for any reason I’m going to post this into the chat box.  You could probably watch the live stream; you can try through a YouTube there.  That hopefully might help.

Cindy is excited for our crunchy cravings killers; that’s going to be her birthday gift.  I’m excited to hear that.  So let’s jump into questions, shall we? Let’s jump into some SANity.  Alright, questions are coming in and if you don’t know where I’m pulling these questions from, these are from both what time works best for you survey and also the register survey.  So when you see these feel free to send in your questions.  I go from on a first come first served based but I also like to give a little bit of priority to the questions that come in during the session here; because I love the interaction.  And of course if you ever can’t make a call or you can still send in your questions and I will answer them and then we can do follow up in the support group if need be.  I will always going to be there serve you no matter what.  So shall we begin?

We have got a lot of new folks here this week, so that’s really, really exciting.  This questions say – I’m 55 and been doing CrossFit three or four times per week for the last 6 years — that’s impressive.  I personally can’t do CrossFit because I don’t have an ACL on my right leg but that’s a separate question.  I’m 55; I have been doing CrossFit three or four times per week for the last six years but feel I’m not really making any gains even though after workouts it often times feel sore.  Do I need to get an attitude adjustment and accept that at my age it may not be able to get leaner? I’m wanting to lose about nine pound.  I’m currently a 135, at 5.9.  But I feel my best at 126 pounds, 13% body fat using a DEXA scan.

First and foremost this is one of our super fit family members because just to level set if you are at 135 pound, you are 55 years old and you are 5.9 and you are doing cross fits three or four times per week, you are already in the top 98%.  So that’s awesome, great work there that’s phenomenal.  In terms of losing the additional 9 pounds and questions about CrossFit in general; let’s take this general and let’s take it specific so CrossFit is not designed to help you lose body fat.  I know that might sound strange but we have to think of exercise in terms of — we are talking about thinking of food as medicine, we should also think about exercise as medicine.  There is a very powerful metaphor.  Because just there are different prescriptions in terms of pharmaceuticals for certain conditions, there are different types of exercises that we would prescribe for different types of results.

Now, what do I mean by that? If you want to become a better endurance athlete, say a marathon runner.  You will do a very different exercise than if you wanted to be an Olympic power lifter.  We can all empathize that those people are going to train very, very differently.  So CrossFit is better thought as a sport.  CrossFit is essentially competitive weightlifting but instead of being power lifting it’s doing more explosive movements and trying to do certain number of repetitions in weight in a certain period of time.  Why am I saying this/ the goal of CrossFit isn’t fat loss nor does it — I’m not criticizing CrossFit.  The goal of CrossFit often times is to get a certain number of reps on a certain amount out time and then things along those lines.

The macro point here is, when it comes to exercise of anything else we have to be really, really goal specific.  So if you do CrossFit because you enjoy it and it fun.  So your goal for doing CrossFit or any kind of exercise — if you are going to Zumba with your friends or if you like to rollerblade or if you are doing exercise because it’s a good reliever of stress and you enjoy it, that’s cool.  And that’s one goal.  So the type of exercise that is fun for example may not be the best exercise for the goal of fat loss.  The distinction here is that CrossFit is not designed to help people lose fats, it can lead to fat loss just like for example boxing can lead to fat loss because its exercise.  But it can also lead to brain damage because you are getting bunched in the face a lot.  So you always have to look at a cost benefit thing whereas fat loss might be sort of an accident or byproduct of something versus fat loss is the explicit intention of that thing.

When it comes to sane living in eccentric exercise, the specific goal of the type of exercise that we recommend in the sane program and that my research revealed eccentric exercise is specifically designed around hormonal healing and clog clearing.  so that’s why like no if someone wants to become for example a better marathon runner or somebody wants to become better at basketball they would do training specific to that.  If your goal is to lose sort of the last 9 pounds or to lose fat in general, the key to focus on a form of exercise that has that as its goal, which eccentric exercise does.

Now, a really important disclaimer though is that trying to use exercise to burn fat is a little bit like trying to use scissors to cut your lawn.  What I mean by that is you can cut your lawn using scissors, you can.  However, it’s definitely not the most effective or efficient tool.  Even folks who are really advanced when it comes to exercise which it sounds like these individual is, there is an old saying in gym intensive communities that Abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym.  So the thing that separates professional fitness competitors for example people that are getting down to the fitness levels that we are talking about here but this applies to everybody is their nutrition.  It absolutely, there is no athlete who doesn’t train hard.  There is no fitness competitor that isn’t exercising lots.  The difference besides genetic I the diet and like they say Abs are made in the kitchen.

So I personally would strongly recommend — in fact if anyone on this call who is listening to this call is exercising three or four times per week in an effort to lose fat, I will actually argue that your efforts might be counterproductive.  Because if you are exercising up to four times per week, the intensity of your exercise can not be hard enough in terms of muscle fiber activation to trigger the hormonal release that we are after for fat loss.  And you also are at a high list of over exercising which can spike your cortisol levels, which can suppress certain hormones like testosterone in men and estrogen in women.  Thyroid hormone production and actually lead to madness.

Again, it’s like medicine.  It’s not that more penicillin is better.  It’s that the appropriate dose of the appropriate medicine is perfect.  So to sort of summarize here, if one’s goal is fat lose one should pick a form of exercise that is specifically designed for fat loss.  Now, that doesn’t mean that exercise will be fun, that doesn’t mean that exercise will make you better at sports.  It means it’s really good at fat loss.  However, if one’s goal is fat loss, you sort of saying the way I’m going to do that is exercise is doing yourself a disservice because from a body composition perspective you can be the strongest fittest person in the world and still have a high body fat percentage.  Your body fat percentage is 90 percent a function of what you are eating.

So let’s focus on our SANity and even more macro point if you are at 135 pounds and you are 5 feet 9 inches tall and you are 55 and you are doing CrossFit three to four times per week, can I just say cheers because you are doing a fantastic job.  So hopefully that’s somewhat helpful for everybody.  And let’s just stay focused on our goals I think.

Let’s jump into the chat box here for a few questions.  I think there was a few earlier on that I want to make sure I get to here.  Sometimes the chats come in here fast than I can handle.  Process goals – Laura had a question about process goals.  If I will quickly recap that but Laura you can — we went into process goals in like super depth I think three or four calls ago.  Which again you can access our archive of all the calls.  If you go into Ignite program and you go down to the bottom right hand corner you will see a stay motivated section.

But when it comes to process goals, this is extremely important.  Because we can’t always determine results, right? if you are going to invest in the stock market, you can do research, you can pick stocks that have good financial characteristics but at the end of the day you can’t control whether or not that stock goes up and down.  So you can control the process.  You can control how you pick the stock but you cannot control what the stock does.  And we understand that but that’s true for things other than stock picking.  We can eat a lot of vegetables and we can do eccentric exercise and that will, it will, it has to yield better results than if we didn’t do that.  But we cannot control those results, we can control the process but we cannot control what that process does.

So that’s the difference between a process and a result goal.  Often times our brains want to focus on a result goal.  I want my stocks to yield a 20% return.  Or I want this event I’m putting on for my family; I want everyone to have a great time.  But as you know especially for like family gatherings you can’t always make everyone have a good time.  You can prepare delicious sane food, you can be friendly, you can have the process, you can focus on the process but the results might be a little bit out of your control.  The same thing applies to our body as well as our mind as well as most things in life.

So to maintain your lower case SANity as well as your upper case SANity I always encourage and the sane way of life is about focusing on process goals and then allowing time to help with the results.  And I think time is something that we didn’t talk about much last time we talked about process goals so let me cover that really quickly here.

The thing that’s great about process goals is that, if you get the process right and you are patient, the result will take care of themselves, because they have to.  There is an old Buddhist parable paraphrasing a Buddhist proverb which is, if you are facing in the right direction just keep walking and eventually you will get there.  So if you are in Ohio and you go west and you say I am going to focus on pointing west, I have a compass in hand and I’m going to continue to go west and I’m going to focus on putting one foot in front of the other, one foot in front of the other, one foot in front of the other.  In enough time with enough patience if you stay focused on the process you will get to the Pacific Ocean, you have to.  Of course something could happen but all things equal eventually you will get there.

By focusing on the process and having the sort of trust and that’s why science is so important and proof is so important because when you have a proofing system and science to back you, you know the process is correct.  Like if your compass is a compass so you are like yes this is a magnet and a magnet aligns to the poles of the earth so I know I’m going west.  Then you can have the confidence to stick with the process.  but if instead of having a compass you just — actually this is a really good an analogy — instead of having a compass if you are in Ohio and you are trying to get to the pacific ocean and you just walked up to some random person on the street and you are like “hey random person on the street, how do I get where I want to go” they can say turn left.  and you are like I have no idea if that’s true so after you go left for a little while if you don’t see the pacific ocean you might say, well I’m going to stop walking left and instead I’m going to turn right.  Because you don’t have faith or trust or you don’t have the evidence to support the direction in the process you are taking.

So that’s why we want to focus so much on evidence here because while you cannot control the results you can control your patience, you can control your process and we have the proven science behind that process, if you stick with it, take small steps and keep pointed in the right direction you will reach your goal eventually, assuming your goal is something that is achievable by human beings.  Hopefully that helps a little bit here.

Let’s go ahead and look at some of the chat stuff here.  Nancy says – in the spirit of small steps I have been working on increasing the servings of vegetables, I’m up to 8 servings per day.  But I’m so full that I can hardly get any protein.  Does anyone else have problems eating the sheer volume of food? Nancy this is a great question and a great point and I want to congratulate you on up to 8 servings per day.  And isn’t amazing how you can full — you are fulling yourself into better health and lasting fat loss.

Throughout your life I would imagine if for example you have every tried something like weight watchers or any other calorie counting program, it was almost like if you are not hungry you are doing something wrong.  I have heard from so many people that hunger almost been worn as a badge of honor in the past.  And that breaks my heart so much because we know that hunger isn’t healthy and we know that starvation can lead to anything positive now that we have gone sane.  But just taking a step back it’s awesome that you are up to 8 serving of vegetables per day and can we just celebrate or a moment that you are eating so much nutrient dense non-starch vegetables that you are so full.  You are like, “I can’t eat this much food.” Let’s just celebrate that for a second.  So that’s awesome.

But to answer your question, how do I get the sheer volume of food prescribed in for example the sane planner or any of the sane step by step course.  Again the general thumb if folks are talking notes which is always maybe a good idea during the sessions is for no starch vegetables we are looking for anywhere from 8 to 16 servings of non-starchy vegetables.  You can eat all the non-starchy vegetables you want.  You will get uncomfortable before you overdo it with non-starchy vegetables as Nancy has shown here.  So you want to go anywhere between 8 and 16 servings of non-starchy vegetables.  You want to go between 3 and 6 servings of nutrient dense protein.  And again the serving of nutrient dense protein is generally between 20 and 40 depending the size of your body, grams of protein and its general the size of your palm.  And anywhere between 2 and 6 servings of whole food fats.

To answer your question Nancy — and then there is some low fructose fruits there but those are non-essential.  The question here is, what do I do when I’m too full to eat all that? There are two essential components of a sane lifestyle when it comes to eating.  One is a non-starchy vegetable.  Meaning that they are sort of if you want results which I we all so, these non-starchy are nonnegotiable.  Certainly you don’t have to eat 8 to 16 servings of them but that’s priority number one if you what results.  Priority number two is you do need to try to get to at a bare minimum three 20 to 30 gram servings of protein per day and there are ways we can do that if you are too full for that.  But if you don’t do that either you are doing to only be consuming like 200 calories per day because 8 servings of vegetables — vegetables are not caloric, they are nutrients.  They are basically fiber, water and essential nutrients.  So there is not calories in there.  You do need some calories.

You are either going to get your calories then from protein or your whole food fats.  Now, the whole food fats that’s going to be the one that’s going to be the most marriable.  So if you are incredibly fit, a 55 year old family member who is at 13 percent body fat already and doing CrossFit three or four times per week, that person definitely needs to eat the upper end of whole foods fats.  Like 6 servings of whole food fats per day.  Simply because they don’t have any calories in their body to burn off.  Because 13 percent body fat, I don’t know if this is a man or a woman.  If this is a woman 13 percent body fat is quite low.  Once menstrual cycle will probably stop if that’s a female at 13 percent body fat.  As a male that’s fine.  If you go as a male to physically see your abdominal muscles that usually happens around 10 percent body fat.  So I can see if that was this individual’s goal that they are going for that.

Anyway, the less fat you have the more fat you need to eat simply because you need calories.  But to your question, if you are too full, what you want to do is you want to look at everything else you are eating and you want to focus on that which is essential to the same lifestyle.  So non-starchy vegetable is essential, three 30 or so grams of protein essential.  If you are too full for that we can try to find liquid sources of protein because liquid calories are really easy to eat.  That’s why you generally don’t want to eat liquid calories with the exception of green smoothies which aren’t really liquid calories because they are primarily vegetables.  So what they are really is liquid nutrients, water and fiber.  Certainly they have some calories but you are going to get just the sheer number of calories you will burn as you know hopefully based on the inefficiency of fiber and protein to eat in sane.  The number of calories you burn simply digesting protein and trying to digest fiber is often times going to almost cancel out the actual amount of calories you are consuming.  When it comes to fiber and protein.

But anyway, so you are looking for at least 90 grams of protein.  so if you need to go liquid you can with a clean way protein, clean rice or pea or amp protein, I would prefer whey is going to be the most pure and complete and biologically available of those proteins.  Pea would be next and just in the spirit of cutting edge science while on this calls I use the term there called biological availability.  This is not something we have talked before and I know   we got some questions about; I want some cutting edge science.  This is so much cutting edge as it is little known.  As you probably can guess by now just like a calories is in a calorie, protein is in protein.  So one gram of protein is not the same depending on where it comes from.  This is where we are learning about nutrition.  Not everything is the same.

A gram of protein from whey for example has what’s called — whey is almost it has a perfect biological availability.  Which means the body can take if you were to eat 30 grams of whey protein basically of 30 grams of that is going to be metabolized and used by your body.  It’s more biologically available.  Whereas if you were to eat 30 worth of protein from soy peanuts, if that has a biological availability that’s much lower, I think legumes are out like 50 to 60 percent.  So this is sometimes a challenge for vegans and vegetarians — it’s not a challenge for vegetarians because vegetarians can eat fish.  But for vegans if there is no animal food at all, it’s a scientific fact that unfortunately the protein in plants has a lower biological availability than the protein that’s found in animals.

It doesn’t mean it’s bad.  This is not a judgment; this is just a scientific fact.  Just like we say, it’s a scientific fact that spinach contains more nutrients per calories that apples do, no judgment just a fact.  No judgment but the biological availability of animal sources of protein is higher than the biological availability of plant sources of protein.  So that’s also something to keep in mind when you are consuming for example like clean pea protein is that 30 grams of clean pea protein not all 30 of those grams are going to be usable by your body.  And this doesn’t just apply — I’m going to get deep here for a second because I have got some questions or people are like, “I want to know some more advanced stuff.” So hopefully this is helpful.

Just like we say protein isn’t protein so hopefully what I just said is helpful, if you have follow up questions please let me know.  Eggs are super biologically available source of protein; egg whites.  Actually egg whites used to be considered the standard.  It was biological availability, egg whites are 100 and then whey actually exceeded that, which I don’t really know how that works.  But that’s for another call.

But the same thing applies for fats.  Now, what I mean by these is for example omega 3 fatty acids.  We are going to get advanced here but that’s all we hear all these sessions together.  So there are three forms commonly consumed of omega 3 fatty acids.  And the reason I’m highlighting omega 3 fatty acids is because they are incredibly difficult to get unless you try to eat omega 3 fatty acids you will not.   They are not in most foods people eat.  And they are so good for.  You can literally get a prescription, a psychiatrist can write you a prescription for omega-3 fatty acids because they are so essential for neurological function.

Anyway.  There are three primary forms of omega-3 fatty acids.  EPA, DHA and ALA.  Complicated names but the EPA and DHA are the kids that are found in fish.  So they are found in animal sources.  So you are looking at basically fish.  That’s where you are going to find them.  Fatty sources of fish.  Cod liver oil is a great concentrated source.  And then when it comes to plants, if you look at chia seeds and flaxseeds you will see, oh my goodness they have so many omega-3s in them.  And they do and they are great.  The thing to keep in mind though is that the omega-3s that you find in chia seeds, which again chia seeds rock.  They are an optimal whole food fat.  But if you don’t know what I’m about to tell you might say, he would I ever eat fish or salmon.  Because when I eat 100 calories of salmon I only get X grams of omega-3s but when I eat 100 calories of chia seeds I get like X times 3.  I don’t know if that’s accurate but that’s in the ballpark.  I get X times three grams of omega-3 fatty acids.

So you will be like, “ah, I’m never going to eat fish; I’m going to only ever going to eat chia seeds.” But here is the distinction.  The form of omega-3 fats that are found in plants is ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid) which is not native to the human body.  What happens is when you eat Alpha Linolenic Acid or the omega-3 fats found in plants your body actually has to convert it into the other forms.  And that conversion process is very inefficient.  So we don’t have exact numbers for it but there are estimates to anywhere from — it could be as inefficient has only 10 percent of it actually gets converted or it could be like 50 percent.  But point is that a good chunk of it is not going to be used by your body.  That’s why it’s important to know not only the hopefully the quality of what you eat matters a lot.  So it might seem somewhat strange for example if you are like why do I recommend eating oysters, that’s strange.  Why not just eat cod for protein.  Because there is a bunch of other complicated science that goes into this so some of the recommendations factor those things in.

The takeaway here I guess is that if you cannot eat all the food recommended, what you want to do is you want to focus on the most biologically available as well as the most nutrient dense sources of foods.  And this is also the recommendation that you will hear given to people that have gastric surgeries.  Because their stomach is shrunk and because their stomach is shrunk they actually can’t eat a high volume of food.  So it’s extremely important that the food they eat is not only nutrient dense but that those nutrients can be metabolized.

If you can’t fit food into your stomach, either because you are too full or because your stomach has been surgically shrunk the answer to both of those questions is the same which is we have to focus on insuring a maximum nutrient density for the calories we are eating so that’s why the non-starchy vegetables are nonnegotiable.  That’s why at least 30 gram servings of protein from if possible if your lifestyle allows for it, healthy nutrients dense animals sources are ideal.  If you can’t do animal sources you can do amino acids supplement and just make sure you are getting the branch chains amino acids in there.  So [inaudible 00:36:07] I will talk more about that later.  Its super science at this point.

And then when it comes to you fats you’d want to focus on the most nutrient dense fats in the world.  So these are going to be your medium and short chain fatty acids, these are primarily found in coconut.  You are going to want to focus on your pure mono saturated fats.  So think olives, thinks avocados, think macadamia nuts.  Avocados are extremely high in fiber so they are going to be very, very filling.  And then also think your very concentrated omega-3.  So maybe some of that protein you are getting if you are too full is definitely going to come from omega-3 rich sources of protein.

So think of high fish like salmon and or mollusks or things like crabs and oysters.  And by the way if you are not eating oysters if you can you can buy them caned on Amazon or anywhere else.  Super affordable and you can use them just like you’d use chicken in the sense that chicken by itself is disgusting; like if you just took a chicken breast and boiled it will be horrible.  But chicken takes on the flavor of what you put it in, he same thing applies to mollusks.  So things like oysters and crabs you are like what in the heck do I do with oysters and crabs? First of all you can buy them canned; so they are super affordable and they are extremely nutrient dense, extremely nutrient dense.  And they are full of nutrients that are very hard to find anywhere else like zinc for example.  Which is super important, the hormone production, and so balancing your hormones out.

To answer your questions; if you can’t eat the volume of food that’s okay.  Just make sure you are getting in the vegetables, the protein and the fats from those concentrated sources.  Hopefully that answers your question.  I know that’s probably way more information than you wanted to know but let me go ahead and take a look at the chat here real quick.

Oh Halley has got sound.  Alright cool, that’s excellent news.  Laura is full at 8 too, I love that.  That is all good.  Actually hey and let’s talk about vegetable nutrient density for a second; because not all vegetables are created equal.  You will actually notice this, I think it’s in the SANE 101 course; it might be lesson one of SANE 101.  There is seven days of SANE or SANE quick start guide.  And within each food group — give me some feedback if we are going to advanced here but I got some feedback that people want advanced stuff here because the less advanced stuff is already available on the website.  Some are like, be advanced and crazy.  We actually had a big debate about this internally.  With the app you noticed that you can tag food groups.  So we had a big debate long time ago whether we would create sort of you get bonus points within each food groups if you pick one of the optimal sources.  And you can see these optimal sources in that lesson that I referred to earlier.

What I mean by that is just like I talked about for example oysters and crabs when it comes to protein.  And things like liver.  It’s all good for you; your mother was right when she said liver oil.  It’s like grandma was super right and it was cool because the reason grandma was right is because grandma based her life on what worked and what worked for generations not some crazy person on television told her to do or what she read in a magazine that didn’t really have her best interest in mind.  Grandma was brilliant because grandma lived her life based on what worked and what worked for her mother and what worked for her mother’s mother and what worked for her mother’s, mother’s mother.  And the further we’ve gotten away from that sort of, if it works keep doing it, like that’s the rule.

Not, well, this expert said that I should do his, and it made me depressed and miserable, and I hate myself, and I have an eating disorder, but this professional says that I should do it, so I must be wrong because they can’t possibly be wrong.  That is so inSANE, not a criticism but it’s inSANE that our culture has shifted our mindset in that way.  If healthy should feel great — the opposite of health is sickness.  And no one likes sickness so of healthy is making us feel bad, we need to get back to the way grandma though.  Because grandma was not only right scientifically but pragmatically she was spot on.  Because she based her decisions on what works and that’s what matters, what works.

What in the heck am I talking about? Where did I start off? Oh optimal food groups, optimal vegetables.  So there is definitely a difference in terms of vegetables; things that are green leafy vegetables.  For example like [00:41:02] great.  But it is not near as good for us as things like kale or Swiss chard [inaudible 00:41:13] or some of these more — let’s call them less well known green vegetables.  the deeper the green of the vegetable like mustard greens, color green, Swiss chard are so — I mean a serving of Swiss chard is nutritionally and hormonally healthfully equivalent literally to, I don’t know, five servings of carrots.  Carrots will have a lot more of vitamin A but from an overall nutritional density perspective, these optimal vegetables, optimal nutrient dense protein, optimal whole food fats and even optimal fruits.

When it comes to a fruits perspective there is a huge difference in fruits and I think we all know this.  Or we have heard of things like Acai berries and Goji berries and Noni fruit, well, of course that has gotten a little – excuse my language bastardized by some of these people who peddle these magical syrups for $85 a bottle.  They have taken the truth and they have whooped it.  But the truth is if an Acai berry got into a fight with an apple the Acai berry would kick the apple Acai.  Let’s put it that way.  Just in terms of SANity and nutrient density.

If you really want to take stuff to the next level you definitely want to check that lesson I believe it’s in the SANE 101 course, and if you can focus on the optimal food groups.  But again with all these advanced stuff it’s very easy to go like, so much I have to do and now I’m failing and I’m not eating the optimal food groups.  What’s more important that any of that being stressed out being stressed and eating four servings of optimal vegetables is worse for you than being happy and calm and proud and eating one serving of conventional non-starchy vegetables.  We are after results and feeling great is the result we are after.  Performing at our best.  Loving our lives.  Loving ourselves.  Having that essence of purpose and passion and energy so if anything that we talk about here does not make you feel that way stop.  And maybe get to it later.  It will still be there.  You will still be here, SANE will still be here, I will be here, and the entire loving SANE family will still be here for you.

These are things you don’t have to do right now, they are things that you can do eventually.  And that’s kind of cool because you know — it’s not like I have tried everything.  There is way more stuff to try and to enjoy in the future but just like if you are not able to play chopsticks fluently on the piano yet, playing like a Buck Congedo tone is probably going to do more harm than good.  Because you will be like, “I’m terrible at the piano” but you are not terrible at the piano.  You’ve been playing the piano for two weeks and you can chopsticks pretty well and that’s awesome, right? We will get to that Congedo tone a little bit.  Hopefully that made sense.  I think I kind of did.  I can see a little bit on the chat here.

So a lot of good stuff here.  Serving size of veggies, I love it, Sherry great question and thank you so much everyone for — actually we are getting questions answered by our fellow family members which is awesome.

Halley is in the house and she’s got her audio which is great and she needs a massive help with – is kick a process sugar habit.  Halley I know you are not alone with that.  A lot of people are going to struggle with the process sugar.  I think what will be helpful for this conversations is, is it you are having trouble with emotional eating or you are having trouble with I just crave the test of sweats.  I want to sort of dig into that a little bit because for example if the issue is with I have a hard time giving up sweats, I don’t want you to give up sweats.  If we had to give up sweats I would quite because I eat sweat — I think we have sweat taste buds on our tongue for a reason and there is nothing wrong with sweats.  As longs as we eat sane sources of sweats.  And we covered this in a huge amount of details in a couple of calls.  So there is a great recording in there.  So feel free to jump in the chat box.  Let us know a little bit more if it’s actually process sugar.  Like you’ve eaten things with honey and it doesn’t do it.  Like you need process sugar, or if it’s sweat or if it’s emotional eating and we will dig into that for sure.

Laura you are exactly right.  Laura makes a great point here.  She says – I think the process is such a new way for us to deal with weight management because we have been so focused on results.  And that’s such we have been done such a disservice it’s heart breaking.  In a weight watchers type program there is things like public weigh in and we see this on television where the focus is on anything but the process.  It’s on the opposite; it’s only on the results.  And because of that, this is why unfortunately people develop eating disorders and people undertaking stimulants.  In that case the process is horribly unhealthy.  The process is horribly unsustainable.  The process is actually killing us.  But the results are good.

There are all sorts of toxic evil processes we could engage in to make a living.  If the results are all that matter, if making money the result, my bank account balance is all that matters, I think we can all agree if we are like it’s not about the process it’s only about the results I think we know what happens in those type of contexts.  People do some pretty bad stuff.

The same thing applies to health.  If the focus is on just what the scale says, stop drinking water.  You are going to lose a whole lot of weight really fast if you just stopped drinking water.  But unfortunately you will die if you don’t drink water.  So that’s why the process is so important.  And it is a huge mental change and that’s why we are here on these sessions; that’s why it’s still important to get into the same support group and post something.  Even if it’s just a gratitude journal, that is so helpful.  And every single day we are going to hear inSANE nonsense.  It’s not going to go away, at least not for a generation or so.  we are going to continue to hear things like low calorie snack packs and this has only a hundred calories in and blah, blah, blah.  That stuff is not going to go away.  We have to almost immunize ourselves with it.  We have to crowd it out.  That’s why Ignite program has a huge amount of stuff in it.  But that’s intentional because I want you to feel like you feel on your body with so much sane food that you are too full for inSANE nonsense.  We have to try as best as we can to fill our brain with so much sane information that it helps to crowd out that nonsense.  It’s kind of a good rule of thumb in general.  My mother once told and it stuck with me my whole life, Jonathan there is just too much good in the world.  This is when I was a teenager and I was doing less than optimal things that people sometimes do when they are teenagers.  She is just like; Jonathan there is so much good in the world.  Why not focus on so much good that there is no room for the bad.  This has been helpful for me.  Hopefully that helps a bit.

Let me just jump into some of these questions here real quick that have come in.  This individual broke their foot which is not so good and they have been part of the ignite family for about a month.  They are very pleased with the result which is awesome.  They broke their foot.  What eccentric exercises can I do with a broken foot? Two things of good news, obviously breaking your foot is not fun.

Actually three things good news even though you broke your foot.  One, eccentric exercise is the safest form of exercise in the entire world.  Not a lot of people know this but here is my current state of physical health, okay? I have a torn labrum which is kind of like a meniscus disc in the shoulder.  I have a tear here.  This pack you can’t see it but I tore it many years ago doing none eccentric weight training.  Part of my pack doesn’t connect to my shoulder any more.  I have torn my right hip flexor.  And my right knee, so you have ACL, MCL, PCL ligaments, my ACL has been torn three times and I didn’t get the third surgery.  So I have not had an ACL ligament.  So if someone says I tore my ACL, I have been in that state for the past 12 years.  I also don’t have a meniscus disc.  You have two meniscus discs on either side of your knee.  One here and one here, I don’t have this one.  These are from old injuries when I was inSANE and not eccentric.

However, one of the reasons that my life took me in the direction it did is I need to find an alternative.  Because I couldn’t do other things anymore.  And eccentric exercise is the way to go and what you will actually notice is that physical therapists — personal trainers might not be super familiar with eccentric exercise — we can talk about what that is later.  But physical therapists and especially physical therapists that work with the elderly are always — usually because they have PhD so they have actually done research.  Anyone who has a PhD in exercise physiology is an expert in eccentric exercise because they have actually studied the research.  But people who do physical therapy, they are super familiar with eccentrics; people who work with seniors are very familiar with eccentrics, because they are so safe.

Because they are slow, they are controlled they are none exposure, you are not changing direction.  If you can’t put weight on your foot for whatever reason you can definitely do the eccentric pushups, you can do eccentric low type movements not putting that weight on your foot.  Anything that’s ceded.  So you can do essentially all upper part movement and you definitely want to chat with your physician.  But sometimes depending on what your boot status is — if you have access to a gym to do things like leg extensions and then laying down like crawls.  So these are your feet.  I hope no one after this call are put a weight on their figure and like gosh I’m really building up my muscles.  No, no, these are my little representation of your legs.  Hopefully that is helpful.

Let me do one more question here from the write in’s because we got a lot here.  And as I always say if we don’t get your question please just submit it again.  I do this in order so if I don’t get I will get them next time and also the support group 24/7, 365 great places to get questions answered.

This next one is – what about loose skin.  I am not overweight but when I got tested I have loose skin so my fat count is higher than normal.  I’m a female late 40s never really obese but was about 20 pounds overweight at 18.  Can’t figure out how to get rid of the issue; I have been eating raw whole foods for over 25 years now, very little processed foods.  I do drink organic milk.  Hoping strict SANity will get rid of this, your thoughts? Thanks JB, smiley face with a wink.

When it comes to loose skin, two things right here boom.  I’m going to give a short answer for this one, because it’s quite straightforward.  One, we need to ensure you are getting the majority of your calories from optimal fat sources.  So from omega-3 fatty acids from mono and saturated fats; great sources of omega-3 fatty acids are sea food, grass-fed meats are pretty good but they do not stuck up the sea food.  And cod liver oil is a great supplement even though it’s just a food.  And then from plants, Chia seeds and flaxseeds, fantastic.

And when it comes to the mono and saturated fats, you are looking at olives, you are looking at macadamia nuts, you are looking at avocados these are fabulous sources.  And actually the crunchy cravings thing we are going to be coming out in a bit is also a great source of them.  And Ballotine can also be helpful.  So if you can get some Ballotine that you eat not to rub on your skin.

So that is from a dietary perspective.  Then boom, strength training.  Especial females have been done such a horrible disservice in terms of if you strength train you are going to build bulk muscle and look like a man.  That is one of the most harmful myths that have ever been purported.  So just to do away with this once and for all.  A typical female — so you build muscle in proportion to the amount of testosterone and other often times women have testosterone in their bodies just much lower than men.  I’m simplifying here, you will build muscles size in proportion to the amount of testosterone that you have in your body.  This is why a 10 year old body, no matter how much a 10 year old boy strength trains.  He cannot look like an 18 year old male who is strength trains.  Can’t.  Why?  It’s not because he is not trying hard enough it’s because he doesn’t have the testosterone levels necessary to build muscle.  Your body builds muscle in response to hormonal signals and if those hormones don’t exist, it cannot build muscle.  The reason strength training causes muscles to be built is not only because it breaks down the muscles but because it triggers certain hormonal signals.

Anyway a typical female has the testosterone levels of a ten year old boy.  so what heavy save eccentric resistance training will do for females is it will replace flab — it’s not like turning lead into gold  but it will help to burn off fat and then replace it with muscle.  And that gives you that firm toned thought look, which most people want.  Plus it makes you better at everything in life because your body is stronger and fitter.  So it’s a win-win.  Focus on those optimal sources of fats, that’s going to help with the skin.  Obviously avoiding sugar and starch and the other things we talk about.  Super important in terms of skin health as well.  And then also focus on the eccentric resistance training so that you build up that lean sexy none bulking firming life sustaining muscle tissue is super, super helpful.  Hopefully that rocks.

Holly is asking — Holly is like, you better get your sound working, you better get your windows phone app working.  Halley is putting me on the spot here.  Yes, we are working on a windows phone app.  Our app is html5 based and we have actually already tried to put it on a windows phone it is on a windows phone, it’s not working very well on a windows phone.  We are actually in touch with some resources at Microsoft to help with that.  So it is in the works.  Our developers own a windows phone and they are in the process of developing it and I’m actually meeting with someone from Microsoft – one of my friends tomorrow at a restaurant here in Kirkland.  There you go, if you are going to a restaurant in Kirkland tomorrow you might see me talking to someone from Microsoft about our windows phone app which we are working on.

I am following way behind questions here.  Penny lost audio, I am so sorry Penny.  Again if anyone is having technical difficulties unfortunately unless everyone is having those technical difficulties, there is no much I can do on my end but recording is hopefully going to rock.

Kate says not all vegetarians will eat fish.  Absolutely true, good point.  Sabby says – JB way better than beef peptides.  Sabby has a great question.  Better or worse is a really tough question.  I actually can never answer is X better than Y.  because that’s too general of a question for example whey is probably going to be more anabolic because it’s going to have higher insulin, good insulin response to help with absorption but the beef peptides are probably going to be more nutrient dense.  So is not that one is better than the other.  It’s that they are different and they are both great.  They are complementary.

Kate has got some great suggestions here.  Holy boy, there is a lot of chat going on.  Can I just say that that’s awesome? But I’m so sorry if I miss something please just post it again.  I’m trying to keep up as best as I can.  Fran is like; I am going to rise to the top of the stuck because she actually posted a question which makes it standout.  Fran is doing a good job here, I like this.  She says, what are your thoughts in a blood type diet.  I had stopped eating chicken and was doing amazing.  and then I started eating chicken again and I’m feeling awful and I’m bloated when I wasn’t before.  Of course I’m going to avoid chicken.  Fran my focus has been on pure reviewed research, there is not a lot of pure reviewed research on the blood type diet.  My recommendation for those types of things — all due respect to myself, what I think to some extent doesn’t matter.  Actually to a large extent doesn’t matter.  Chicken is a great source of protein.  And you eat chicken and it makes you break out in hives, please don’t eat chicken.  Absolutely not.

See what I’m saying.  Hey, after 15 plus years of work with some of the top researchers in the world, these are the good starting points for you, but if you go to an optometrist and they are like, here is a pair of glasses to help your vision and it makes your vision worse, don’t wear those glasses.  Certainly though at optometrist is a great place to start if you want to improve your vision.  And if you work with the optometrist they could find the perfect prescription but I actually don’t know – I haven’t read any pure research on blood type diet.  So sadly I don’t know.  However if eating certain forms of nutrient dense protein make you free great and others make you free terrible that’s grandma was right, if it works it works.  It kind of doesn’t matter if the blood type diet says it’s good or bad or if I say it’s good or bad.  What matters is if it helps you have good or bad progress.

Penny is not brave enough to try oysters.  It’s all good Penny, I understand.  What you can do sometimes though is you can sneak them into other foods.  For example if you were making sane spaghetti, like what is sane spaghetti? So imagine using spaghetti squash as your noodles it is so delicious, I actually think it’s better than regular noodles because they are firmer.  Or you could use [inaudible 01:02:07] — it’s like julienning them but even more.  And then you will traditionally put like a meet in the sauce.  You can still do that but maybe you put a little bit of oysters because what oysters will actually do is they will break down when people think about eating oysters they sometimes think about like hey I’m going to take the oysters and go [?].  You don’t have to eat oysters that way.  You can just add them — like canned oysters add them into sauces add them into stews.  And even like [inaudible 01:02:36] and other stuff like that where you don’t necessarily take a scoop of [01:02:41] in a glass and put it in your mouth that will be disgusting.  But you add it to other things.  And kind of dilute it down.  That’s a good approach with things like oysters as well.  Don’t put those in your smoothies though.  Don’t put oysters in your smoothies.  Although there was a time in my life where I did make tuna fish smoothies; I blended tuna fish and drunk it.

Let me do a few questions here that were written in — yeah this is great.  This question says – please tell me if there is anything you in exciting and the new research you are doing it seems like we are covering the same basic info which I understand.  I appreciate your passion and love for our friendly help.  Thank you very much.  That is very, very kind.

But hopefully we’ve covered some of that here in terms of cutting edge research and actually a lot of the research that I’m doing and the team nowadays actually has to do with mental things.  because what we found is that honestly the way we think about these and the emotional aspects of it and the implementation aspects to it even if you never went further from non-starchy vegetables nutrients dense protein, whole full, fructose fruits.  I have been doing this for a really long time and there is no — yeah there is much more advanced things you could.  If   you what you can do leucine supplementation.  Leucine is the primary amino acid that is responsible for muscle protein synthesis and it goes to the mTOR pathway in your brain and it’s what signals your body to [01:04:16].

But in which take care of you in the sense that for example if you notice like I was saying mill bars, we talk about 30 grams of protein, 30 grams of protein.  And you are like say mill bar 20 grams of protein, fail.  But what we actually do is we proportion the protein and then we add the amino acid leucine in to the bar which actually provides optimal levels of amino acids and — super advanced.  That kind of things again is helpful and it’s good but there is nothing there that will even come close to making the difference of some of the mental stuff we are covering and the basic blocking and tackling.  Sorry for using sports metaphors.  But the basic one foot in front if the other stuff.

Tell me please if we are not getting advanced enough in these sessions.  Hopefully I have made it a little bit more advanced this time around.  And also if we ever have time, we don’t seem to have time which is great.  But if we ever have time there is some more advanced mental stuff in terms of mindset that definitely didn’t get to cover a lot previously and I’d love to cover.  But it’s not about here it’s what you eat, it’s more about here is how you think.

Let me go back to the chat here real quick.  Smoke oysters yes, oyster stew good stuff.  What’s the next best fish if you are not a fan of salmon? Salmon to be clear is not the best fish.  Fish are good at different things.  There are fish which are not super nutrients — things like white fish.  White fish is good if you don’t like the test of fish because it tastes like nothing, kind of.  But it’s not nutrient dense.  If you don’t like salmon what you want to do in general is just — I know this is going to sound strange but the fattier the fish is the better, because the fat that’s found in fish is the best fat in the world.  So there are things like Sea bass which is extremely expensive.  But even some of the much less expensive but not necessarily loved forms of sea food.  like tuna — of course you can get tuna at a restaurant and it’s delicious but tuna is from a dollar for dollar that’s the way to go if you are cost sensitive you are trying to get fish, you are trying to get your omega-3.  Canned tuna added to other things, great ways to go; canned crumbs, canned oysters; the fattier the fish essentially the better.  Again the best fish for you is the fish that you like and can eat consistently.  So that’s going to be the best fish.  So the fattiest, most nutrient dense fish or mollusks sea food that you love and that you can eat for the rest of your life is the best or you.

Okay, people like advanced stuff, awesome.  Thanks for the garden in my glass love I appreciate that.  How many servings in a garden of my glass? That was a question that was written about this — if you have questions about how to use any of the sane super foods and servings and such, if you go to store,sanesolution.com all the super foods there is a tap at the top that says nutrition or how to use.  And that tells you the number of servings per bag.  How many servings do you use per day? All of that stuff is actually covered for each — I think there is like 80 super foods in the same store, so all of that serving size, number of servings is covered in the store listing for those things which is awesome.

Great suggestion here, written in – can the app include tracking for water in great tea.  That’s an excellent suggestion and something that we are seriously considering adding in the future.

There is a question about sane and ketosis.  It’s says that sane eating will not put me into ketosis.  I’m particularly concerned about this because I have only one kidney as a result of kidney cancer 2 and half years ago.  And ketosis is not good for the kidney.  Of course neither is diabetes.  And that’s where I am headed without reprogramming my body.  So that’s very phrased and definitely we don’t ever want to feel like we are in a position where I either have to destroy my kidneys or I have to destroy my pancreas.  You don’t.  The good news you know you definitely don’t.

So ketosis is not easy to achieve.  Being in ketosis is very hard.  People who try to get into ketosis like constantly test whether they are in ketosis, is not an easy thing to do.  Unless you are keeping yourself under 50 grams of total carbs including fiber and even protein can become a problem.  People who are trying to go into ketosis often call their lifestyle a low carbohydrate high fat low protein.  Because protein actually stimulates insulin.  It doesn’t stimulate insulin production even close to as much as carbohydrate does but it does stimulate insulin production.  And some sources of protein are more insulinogenic than other.  For example whey the reason why is so highly absorbed by the body is its more insulinogenic than something like a beef for example.  That’s why weight is often used in conjunction with exercise.

You certainly need to work with your physician for anything like this.  If you are eating 10 plus servings of non-starchy vegetables and if you are eating any low fructose fruits — let’s put it this way, people who try to become ketogenic it’s very hard to do.  It is not easy to achieve the state of ketosis.  So if that’s something you are concerned with, you can get ketone testing strips but if you can vaguely gauge what you are eating if you are at the 10 plus servings of non-starchy vegetables that in it of itself is pretty much going to probably ensure you are not in ketosis.  Assuming you are then also eating protein.  The vegetables in protein in and of itself like if you are consuming over 100 grams of protein per day no ketosis for you.  You don’t have to destroy your kidneys and you definitely don’t have to destroy your pancreas.  So that is good news.

There is another question here says – substitute for tortilla chips and guacamole and salsa.  Important both guacamole and salsa are completely sane, totally sane.  Get the all-natural salsa does that doesn’t have high fructose up in it.  But salsa is — you can take stuff that is tasteless like clams don’t have any tests, egg whites don’t have any taste.  Chicken in and of itself doesn’t have any test.  Oysters might not have a good test by themselves.  Take ground turkey — I do this personally, I take a bunch of ground turkey and then I put it in a bowl and literally I boil it – boiled ground turkey that sounds horrible.  It is by itself.  But it allows for really easy things, you just have the turkey and you can add other things to it and one of my go to is the salsa.  You can take literally cooked turkey and add salsa, add guacamole delicious.  That’s fantastic.  The only thing that’s inSANE in that equation is the tortilla chips, and some of the craving stuff were coming out here shortly will help with that.  But if you are just looking for that crunch I think there were some other suggestions previously around you can possibly use, crunchy vegetables like sugar pea or baby carrots, guacamole and the salsa.  I know it sounds a little bit silly but olives and pickles because they are salty can be helpful.  If you want to necessarily put a pickle in guacamole.  That will probably be disgusting.  But just jeezing out those tests is helpful, and soya nuts in moderation.  I’m not a huge fan of soya but in moderation can be an okay crunch until we can provide you with a better alternative for that.  Hopefully that is helpful.

Alright, let’s go through some of the chat questions here.  Halley says she’s got a horrible addiction to chocolate.  Halley so do I and that’s actually not bad.  Cocoa is one of the — we talked about optimal foods.  Cocoa is an optimal fat.  In fact there was an entire recipe book which you should hopefully have.  If you are here it should have been given to you free of charge.  If it hasn’t, send us email we will get it to you.  We sell boosting cocoa powder.  I eat cocoa every day.  In the morning I take mood boosting cocoa powder, pepper oil, cinnamon and vanilla and that’s my alternative to coffee.  Not that coffee is bad for you.  But if drink coffee it takes me way too high really quickly.  So I prefer mood boosting cocoa powder, like chocolate is one of the optimal sources of sane — you can’t even call it a fat because it’s like packed with protein and fiber.  Cocoa is almost like just eat as much of it as you possibly want.  You get tired of it before anything negative will happen and it’s so good for you from [inaudible 01:14:11] perspective.  Definitely don’t feel like you need to give up chocolate.  In fact you need to eat more cocoa to optimize your SANity.  That’s also going to help with the skin.

Teresa, are the fats we should eat whole? I just noticed that you are always putting recipe calls for low fat cottage cheese.  I would have expected whole fat.  This is a great question Teresa.  I always try whenever possible to maximize the quality of the micronutrients that we are eating.  So for example whole fat cottage cheese is not bad.  however, if you are going to eat fat calories which we need to that’s where we get our calories from, the quality of fat found in — the fats that make up full fat cottage cheese are not as good for you as hypothetically if you took low fat cottage cheese; which is just cottage cheese with the fat taken out.  And then eat some macadamia nuts, or then a piece of avocado, or had some cocoa powder.  I’m always looking for ways to optimize the sources of our fats.  So it’s not that full fat cottage cheese is bad for you at all but it’s that the fat found in full fat cottage cheese is not an optimal source of fats.  If possible I will just use cottage cheese as a source of protein.  Let’s focus on the protein aspect of cottage cheese and let’s get our fats from other optimal sources.  Hopefully that helps.

Also I have gotten some good questions about like why would you ever recommend egg whites? Whole eggs are super nutrient.  They absolutely are.  It’s just that if you want to eat 30 grams of protein from whole eggs you are going to be taking in a lot of fat calories because eggs are only 34% protein they are mostly fat.  There are a whole food fat.  They are concentrated sources of protein.  They are great for you but they are primarily a source of fat.

So if you are trying to get 30 grams of protein and you want to enjoy the health benefits that eggs have to offer or egg yolks healthy? Yes.  Is eating five eye yolks two and half times better for you than eating egg yolks? Probably not just like anything else in life it’s diminishing marginal returns.  like the 6th serving of kale is less good for you than the 5th serving of kale which is less good for you than the fourth, third second.  That’s actually how your sane score algorithm works.  It’s super complicated but the point is that we want to find that balance and that optimization of things.  So that’s why we sometimes make the recommendations that I do.  Hopefully I didn’t just confuse everybody.  But you said you wanted more advanced.  So I’m going to yell a little bit more advanced.

Let me go back to our questions that are written in here.  We have a lot of questions this week which awesome.  This has to do with detox.  This is the tough question here.  It talks about, what do you think about detoxing for five to seven days something that’s super strict.  I have been doing diet sing I can remember and they always start with the detox and then make this person procrastinate because they don’t want to go to through the torture justifiable so.  How do I get rid of my beliefs about diet that I had for years?

Hopefully the number one thing you can do is be part of this family.  Because as you can hopefully see from what we’ve talked about so far in our time together today the more you submerge yourself in the sane ignite family the more these inSANE believes are going to rid you.  The five to seven day crazy detox things — if medically supervised and the reason you are doing it is because it makes you feel great and motivated and you want to do it more, and you don’t see them as a way to hack your biology, like I’m going to eat cabbage for 30 days and then I’m just going to go on a seven day cleanse.  That will literally kill you.  That’s like I’m not going to sleep from days and then I’m going to sleep for two days.  That’s not how the body works.  But in terms of just helping with this busted diets.  Please just put — I also talk about patients a lot because these nonsense that we have been told it’s been drilled into our heads for 20, 30, 40, 50 years.   I lot of us we are like it’s been five days why hasn’t everything changed? And I know that feeling isn’t going to go away overnight.

Just imagine if you have been given bad information for 40 years.  If we can transform your life in 4 years — which is 4 years in the internet diet world that’s — in diet time that’s a million years.  So four years in terms of diet time is an alternative.  but if you are looking at relative to how long we’ve struggled for, if we can fix a problem in one tenth of the time it took to create that’s amazing and it’s not going to take four years.  If you go sane for two years, you are going to be good for the rest of your life.  Because this stuff is going to be so — this is what we have seen over time.  Once you hit that 18 month mark, you’ve got so many habits in place.

If you fundamentally transform the way your mind works, your body works, your hormone works, literally if you get an FMRI which is functional magnetic resonance imagining for your brain when you start your sane journey and then you get it in six months and in a year, you will literally see a difference in the structure of your brain.  For example the hypothalamus region of your brain that regulate your appetite will be different.  It will be less inflamed.  The way your brain reacts when you see certain foods will change because they won’t stimulate certain receptors as much.

So give yourself time and I know yours seem like millennial in the diet world but you are here, you are part of the sane family we are not going anywhere, you are not going anywhere.  it’s time to get off that rollercoaster and I promise you that — we could wave a magic one right now and say I guarantee you that one year from now you will be at a place where the you of today couldn’t even believe.  You will have achieved a success that you can maintain for the rest of your life.  You will be like yea that’s great.  I’d rather have it tomorrow but if I only have to wait a year for this phenomenal thing that’s going to change my entire life that’s a pretty good deal.  That’s what we are talking about here, right? Like we are not talking 10 years, we are not talking a decade.  We are not talking is going to take 97 for this to happen; we are talking of a year.  It takes 4 years to get a college degree.  If we can fundamentally heal your brain mind and body in a fourth or half of that time and then you are going to carry that forward to the rest of your life, that’s why we got to be patient.  And that’s why we got to give ourselves time to let our body heal.  Because when we do that stuff carries forward and it’s so, so, so powerful.

Let’s crunch through some questions here because only got 11 minutes left and there are a huge number of questions that I haven’t gotten to yet.  So I’m sorry I have got to pretty fast here.  Other than weight is there another way to tell when your hormones are starting to unclog.  Penny, trust the process.  Yes they are, they involved blood work.  So if you got your blood checked, for example you could look at your HBA 1C levels.  You can look at various hormonal indicators.  But without blood, the energy level, the way your skin looks, your sex drive.  Your ability to focus on things, just overall, your ability to be the best penny you could imagine.  Think of hormonal clog like having a hormonal flu.  How do you know if your flu is going away? You just feel better.  Everything is better.  As you start to resolve that hormonal clog you are literally healing a fundamental break down in your brain, your hormones and your gut.  So you feel better overall.

If you do want numbers just get a full blood panel done with your doctor.  Get deep — not calculated cholesterol numbers tell them you do not want calculated LDL numbers.  You want real LDL particle size.  You want your HBA 1C, you want the deep metabolic syndrome diabetes related, sex hormone related.  Say if I wanted all the tests that you’d give someone for metabolic syndrome or of diabetes all of it.  The panel of blood test, that’s what you will get done and then probably you will go back to your doctor every eight weeks or so and you will look at those numbers.  Because those number are indicative of what’s happening in the system and you can’t fake those numbers.  You can fake the scale; the scale is the most ridiculous crude form of measurement in the world.  And you can do all kinds of crazy things.  You are not going to trick your A1C level.  That’s your baseline blood glucose level over many months.  That will be the way to go if you do want some more numbers.

Absolutely Holly, so that’s why we are working on some of the mental stuff here for sure.  Sane desserts Laura you are exactly right.  Laura the time is a big thing and I think sometimes for me it’s been able to trade gym time sometimes for that time in the kitchen.  If at all possible just give yourself permission.  If you live in a family arrangement.  If it’s possible to get other people involved.  I know it seems like it might be kind crazy but to try to say like hey let’s make — let’s play music and chop vegetables together.  I know you might think that sounds a little bit ridiculous but there is lot of person that actually do it and really enjoy it.  It’s sad, but a couple of generations ago that is what the family did together.  It’s actually only up until very recently that the family wasn’t in the kitchen together.  We can have a whole separate session about that.

But at the end of the day we are responsible for what we put into our body.  And what we put into the bodies of those that we love.  So I know sometimes there is an old saying that if you want to tell what is important to a person, don’t ask them just look at their schedule and look at their credit card statement.  Because time and money are two scarcest resources and that’s why I’m so honored and privileged that you choose to share those with me both of them.  And that’s why I what to make sure that we find a solution that’s going to work for you long term.  But that is at the end of the day where we send our time and where we spend our money is what we prioritize and we love and what we cherish in our life.  So what we put into our body is the most intimate activity we can do.  It’s so important.

Just maybe taking a step back and saying where is my time going? Where is my money going? And there very well could be if you are here chances are you are doing a fantastic job.  I personally always weekly ask myself, where am I spending my time? Where am I spending my money? Not because I’m doing anything wrong but because those are areas where I know slight changes can make a huge difference over time because in both time and money we experience compound interest.  In the sense that you invest a little bit of money it compounds over time.  You invest a little bit of time in eating healthfully and it compounds because you build habits.  I talked about a lot of stuff there but hopefully that’s helpful in a sense.  Just where we are investing those things based on our priorities.

Let me just jump back to some of the questions that were written here really quickly.  This is a question about – I found drinking water beneficial for men, is there data that backs up it works the same way for women? Yes.  Absolutely water is as good for women as it is for men.  If we drink a smoothie does the water we add count towards our intake for the day? Yes.  That’s good question.  Same thing with green tea.  Anything that is non-caffeinated if you drink green tea, white tea, and black tea is caffeinated — green tea is caffeinated too but it’s so lightly caffeinated.  Basically if it’s a liquid it counts to your servings of water is the general rule of thumb.  How about green tea with a little half and half? I’d rather use coconut milk but if you can’t use coconut milk half and half a little bit of half and half is not the end of the world.  Yeah, so if you are having a hard time drinking the recommended amount of water the key thing to keep in mind is all liquid.  So it’s not just water.  It’s not a gallon of water plus 8 glasses of green tea.  That will be too much liquids.

Individual here is having sinus trouble.  Great question here from Jenny about some — Jenny can we cover this in the support group.  There are some specific questions in here.  And I would love to help out in the support group.  Some of these things like if you are having sinus headaches from certain things please don’t do them because it’s not worth having sinus headaches [inaudible 01:28:52] cause your stomach to feel upset, let’s try [inaudible 01:28:54].  In terms of servings for various vegetables that are sold on the same store.  The super foods, that information is available on the same store.  If you cannot find it please post it in the support group.  We will be happy to help you out there.

Sorry guys we got four minutes left and I’m trying to get everyone’s questions here.  10 points for Cindy she set links.  I love it.  Coconut manna is awesome.  My goodness you guys have blown up the chat and I love it.  Thank you so much this is great.  Thank you Halley for being bait to test for the phone app.  I appreciate that.  From what I have heard you don’t want it yet because it just doesn’t work.  But it is running on windows phones.  So that’s good news.  Laura that’s awesome, Laura says – I’m so surprised the length of time I can go and not think about sugar or anything after eating sane bar.  It’s the reason for that, that’s why it’s called craving killers.  It’s not just marketing the fiber is intentionally it’s a probiotic fiber that is super therapeutic.

If you noticed about the sane cravings killer which is a different thing.  There are different things the sane cravings killer is a snack that is designed to eliminate cravings whereas the meal bar is a fool meal.  Meal bar 20 grams of fiber, 20 grams of protein.  The cravings killer has different — they are specifically designed for different things.  But the fiber in them is what’s called prebiotic fiber which I love when — try to eat — there is five sources of prebiotic fiber in nature.  One of them is Jerusalem artichokes.  If you have Jerusalem artichokes growing in your backyard you are good to go.  but the other 99.99% of us if we want the 10 to 15 grams of prebiotic fiber that study show is fantastic for good health, good symbiosis, digestive health.  There are not foods at your grocery store that do that.  The same thing with some of the other super foods we make available in the same store.  It’s in no way shape I’m saying whole foods are bad.  its saying that in the modern world the only way to eat these foods is just they are not — if you can find acai berries at your grocery store please buy them and eat them, they are fantastic for you.  My grocery does not carry them.  So I have to find other ways of getting them.  And it’s almost like canning too.  I can’t afford oysters fresh.  So I get them canned because it’s just an easier and more cost effective way for me and my family to enjoy them.  So powdering vegetables and super fruits is often a similar thing.

Alison asks, is caffeine bad for us in green tea? No, not at all.  Caffeine under 300 milligrams per day has not been shown to cause problems.  It has some beneficial effects as well.  So you do not need to try to avoid caffeine.  Obviously overdoing anything can be bad.  But if you are under 300 ml grams per day you should be fine.

Karen asked about, what about — we got one minute left so I’m just going to crank through the questions here.  And I had some deep emotional stuff that I wanted to share but wait till the next sessions but it’s okay.  These questions are great that’s why we are here.  Ronda what’s the best sane drink to help me get rid of diet coke? We just need to find other ways to get sweets into your life.  So we are going to try sane sweats.  Ronda I’m sorry I can’t do better with that question, we are just running low on time.  Please bring it up again next time or in the support group.

Karen asks what about BCA, [inaudible 01:32:43] amino acids in creating supplements I’m the cross fit, 55 year old guys with the very fast question.  Yes, fantastic.  I will strongly recommend both BCAs and creating supplements for explosive based training.  There are completely evidence based and they are naturally keratin is found in beef.  You are just taking more of it than you possible could consume through beef.  you are just supplementing it and doing four days of CrossFit is not natural — not that it’s bad, penicillin it’s necessarily — going to the bathroom on a toilet isn’t natural but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.  Being on this session together isn’t natural where you see my face and I’m 2000 miles away from you but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  But they are delivered, they are inspired by nature.  They are in line with nature.  And they are proven by science.  So Crotone and BCAs will be fabulous.  If you are not doing away proteins before and after you should be.  That will very much help you.

Janet, the mental process info please as soon as you get the next email from me about scheduling this very first question be like talk about the mental stuff Jonathan.  And that way I will start one probably next session.  Everybody likes the mental stuff.  Thank you so much.  Please just ask those questions for the next sessions.  Because then we will spend the whole session on mental stuff.  So just get in those questions first.

Caffeine okay? Yeah, we talked about that it’s a stimulant.  It’s just not — why is it okay? I guess I’m saying it’s okay because I have not seen evidence saying that 5 milligrams of caffeine is bad.  Poison as anything can be bad.  Overdoing water can kill you, is just very unlikely that we will overdo with water.  Stimulant just in it of itself, I just haven’t seen research that says caffeine is toxic.  Lighter fluid should not be consumed in any quantity, I will agree with that.  I just haven’t seen research that says that caffeine is that way.

So sorry, Ronny, it looks like she got her computer hacked.  I so sorry about that.  again everybody please know that every single one of this is recorded and within 72 hours you will get an email that’s going to have a link and in fact you can see the recordings for all the previous sessions.  Right now just log into your account and go down and click on the stay motivated section and you have got the recordings there.  Because we cover a lot of stuff.  And I know not everyone can make every one of these.  Soy don’t one anyone to be like, oh I missed it.  I missed everything.  No it’s recorded and it’s there for you.  So it’s all good.

And Fran already answered that question.  Fran is three steps ahead.  I do apologize.  I did not get to all the written in questions here.  If I didn’t get to your written in question please submit it again or submit it in the support group.  I’m terribly sorry.  But I do have to wrap up here.  But this has been one of my favorite sessions we have ever had.  I know we didn’t get into some of the more emotional spiritual stuff that we sometimes do but we are keeping it fresh.  We got into some really deep advanced stuff.  So I think that was really helpful.  We covered some general things.  I hope you had fun.  I love the chat interactions.  You guys really stepped up this week.  I think some people that have been a little bit shy are come out of their shell.  So thank you so much and we are going to pick up with the next session.

Hopefully you guys liked these.  Love this.  Thank you.  I love geeking out; you know I love geeking out on science.  So if you ever want to geek out on science I’m your guy.  If I didn’t get your question I apologies we will do it in the next session.  Thank you for being here.  I really appreciate it.  January was great, February is going great and you guys are the reason for that.  So thank you again for your ongoing support and trust.  What we are doing here involves your health and your life.  And the health and the lives of those you live and the fact that you are willing to let me be a part of that honestly people kind wonder why I’m so [01:37:00] because this is really important and you have given so much to me and the entire sane team in terms of your trust and we are not talking about what short to wear tomorrow, we are talking about here is what I’m going to put into my body and mind that will influence every aspect of my life and those of the people that I love.  And I want you to know that I take that responsibility so serious.

In fact some people think I take it too serious.  My entire life and the life of my wife and the entire sane team revolve around it completely and we probably need to kind of balance that out a little bit moving forward.  But we so appreciate and love in a sense of agape love you so much for trusting us and for sharing your time and your resources with us.  So thank you so much.  Again it’s always a pleasure and I cannot wait for a next session together.  So if you are not in the support group, please jump in there.  It’s been blowing up and it’s been so fabulous.  So jump into the support group thank you again.  We will chat again soon.  Thank you so much.

SANE Psychology

  • The great thing about process goals is that, if you get the process right and you are patient, the results will take care of themselves.


  • If you get an FMRI which is functional magnetic resonance imagining for your brain when you start your SANE journey and then you get it in six months and in a year, you will literally see a difference in the structure of your brain. You will fundamentally transform the way your mind works, your body works, and your hormones work. For example, the hypothalamus region of your brain that regulates your appetite will be different. It will be less inflamed. The way your brain reacts when you see certain foods will change because they won’t stimulate certain receptors as much as they did prior to living SANEly.


  • Think of hormonal clog like having a hormonal flu. How do you know if your flu is going away? You just feel better. As you start to resolve that hormonal clog you are literally healing a fundamental break down in your brain, your hormones, and your gut. You will feel better overall.


  • At the end of the day, where we spend our time and where we spend our money is what we prioritize and what we love and what we cherish in our life. What we put into our body is the most intimate activity we can do. It’s so important. You invest a little bit of time in eating healthfully and it compounds because you build habits.

What to Eat

  • Whey has almost perfect biological availability which means if you were to eat 30 grams of whey protein then 30 grams of that is going to be metabolized and used by your body. It’s more biologically available. Whereas if you were to eat 30 grams worth of protein from soy or peanuts, it has a biological availability that’s much lower. So not all 30 of those grams are going to be usable by your body.


  • If you cannot eat all the SANE food recommended, focus on the most biologically available as well as the most nutrient dense sources of foods.


  • The fattier the fish the better, because the fat that’s found in fish is the best fat in the world. If you are cost sensitive and you are trying to get your omega-3, canned tuna is a great option. The best fish for you is the fish that you like and can eat consistently. So the fattiest, most nutrient dense fish, mollusks, or seafood that you love and that you can eat for the rest of your life is the best or you.


  • Use cottage cheese as a source of protein and by eating low-fat cottage cheese, we can focus on getting our fats from other optimal sources.


  • Cocoa is an optimal fat. Definitely don’t feel like you need to give up chocolate. In fact you need to eat more cocoa to optimize your SANEity.


  • People who are trying to go into ketosis often call their lifestyle a low carbohydrate high fat low protein. Because protein actually stimulates insulin. It doesn’t stimulate insulin production even close to as much as carbohydrate does but it does stimulate insulin production.


  • Try eating oysters in a sauce or stew if you are hesitant to try them.


  • If eating certain forms of nutrient dense protein make you free great and others make you free terrible, then focus on those protein sources that work well for you.



  • When it comes to exercise, we have to be really, really goal specific. If your goal for doing any kind of exercise is to relieve stress and to have fun, then that’s one goal. The type of exercise that is fun may not be the best exercise for the goal of fat loss. When it comes to SANE living and eccentric exercise, our exercise goals are specifically designed around hormonal healing and clog clearing. If your goal is to lose fat in general, the key is to focus on a form of exercise that has that as its goal–eccentric exercise.


  • Trying to use traditional exercise to burn fat is a little bit like trying to use scissors to cut your lawn. You can cut your lawn using scissors. However, it’s definitely not the most effective or efficient tool. There is an old saying in gym intensive communities that says, “Abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym.” The thing that separates professional fitness competitors from the average person who exercises regularly, is their nutrition.


  • Your body builds muscle in response to hormonal signals and if those hormones don’t exist, it cannot build muscle. The reason strength training causes muscles to be built is not only because it breaks down the muscles but because it triggers certain hormonal signals.


  • Eccentric resistance training will replace flab with muscle. And that gives you that firm toned thought look, which most people want. Plus it makes you better at everything in life because your body is stronger and fitter. So it’s a win-win.