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SANE Party, Easy Veggies, Flips, and Apps

Jonathan: Hey, everyone. Jonathan Bailor. Carrie and I are positioned farther away from each other than normal. They had to separate us after the last podcast because Carrie got a little out of control with her flicking. My arm was severely bruised. I’m just kidding.

Carrie: I can’t flick him anymore.

Jonathan: Well, Carrie, I know you said you wanted to start off this week’s podcast with even super happy topics. We always talk about happy topics but I wanted to talk about SANE party spreads because I recently was over at one of my friends’ house and they had this wonderfully SANE party spread and I was hoping that we could share some SANE party spread ideas with our listeners this week.

Carrie: Awesome.

Jonathan: I will start. Let’s do it alternating. This one and I’ll go unexciting to start with us at the low bar. We can get better from here. Vegetable platter with Greek-yogurt dip.

Carrie: That’s wildly exciting.

Jonathan: Alright, do tell.

Carrie: Oh, all that raw, fresh, yummy crunchiness. What could be better?

Jonathan: The dip is actually quite easy to make and quite delicious as well because you got your Greek-yogurt there and then you just get some of your favorite dried dip mix. Check the label so that’s not completely inSANE but the amount of it you’re going to use really not that big of a deal so you can really – the sky is limit. You can do all kinds of fun stuff.

Carrie: Yes, absolutely. You can.

Jonathan: Super simple.

Carrie: Super simple.

Jonathan: Alright, your turn, Carrie. Party spread idea, Chef Carrie.

Carrie: Oh, remember how introvert thing like parties and me, yes.

Jonathan: Oh, okay. Yes, so folks Carrie has this dirty little secret where while she’s behind the microphone she’s like “I’m Carrie Brown.” In real life, she’s actually quite introvert.

Carrie: I’m under the table hiding.

Jonathan: Carrie is actually recording this podcast underneath the table. I don’t know if you know that but she’s actually hiding underneath the table right now. No, that’s not true. Well, Carrie, I’ll go next.

Pickles are actually a wonderful horsd’oeuvre and there’s obviously many kinds of pickles. Something similar is olives which are always fun and you really can’t go wrong. You aren’t going to find an inSANE olive or really an inSANE pickle. It can be a lot of fun.

Carrie: Am I allowed to say that I hate both of those things?

Jonathan: You don’t like pickles or olives?

Carrie: I used to like pickles until I worked at McDonalds for four years and then I spent every weekend for four years up to my elbows in pickle juice and that kind of…

Jonathan: You mean spending weekends in pickle juice would not sour you on pickles.

Carrie: Right, if you do that [indiscernible 03:07] I haven’t eaten a pickle since.

Jonathan: Well, they’re a McDonalds’ pickle so you can imagine that’s a bit like…

Carrie: Big [indiscernible 03:11].

Jonathan: Yes. “Pickles.”

Carrie: Anyway, the upside goes it got me through school so it’s all good.

Jonathan: The pickles and olives for me personally they’re certainly – I like more of the salty variants rather than the sweet variants but I actually find pickles to be very cool and easy fix when I have a craving for salty foods because they are super salty, they’re super SANE and they got that delicious crunch to them. I think there’s even really easy simple ways for our more ambitious readers to do things like pickling at home which can be just even more delicious.

Carrie: Yes, I’m sure. I’ll take your word of it. You chow down when people’s on olive and I’ll stick with some more of those yummy, crunchy vegetable dippy things we were doing just now.

Jonathan: Or you could move on to the next one, Carrie which I actually know you are an expert in bringing these into the home and making them yourself and that is season/spice/SANEly sweetened nuts.

Carrie: You can do all sorts of things with nuts. I only have one recipe up at my blog right now but they’ll be more coming if I ever get time, but there’s lots of things you can do with them spices. For example, sugar-free syrups and then just bake them in the oven to give them some extra crunch and some extra flavor and that’s a fantastic thing to add a little spice and sweetness to your party. Just don’t eat the whole bowl.

Jonathan: Absolutely. Well, that’s the general tip I think we talked about in the previous podcast which is if you’re going to eat nuts, don’t eat just nuts. Eat nuts with a non-starchy vegetable – the nuts eat them with non-starchy vegetables and/or, ideally and, a nutrient dense source of protein. They shouldn’t be the entire snack. They should be a component of the snack.

Carrie: Talking of protein; shrimps, prawns.

Jonathan: Shrimps?

Carrie: Prawns. Lovely. Fabulous. Dip in the middle, big bucket of prawns.

Jonathan: The dip in the middle, though, we got to watch out for that, right?

Carrie: We do.

Jonathan: We do. That can be quite inSANE, sugar saturated.

Carrie: It can but if you make your own using a non-fat Greek-yogurt as a base or non-fat sour cream, also if you can find non-fat sour cream, again we do that because it’s high in protein, not because it’s low in fat. You can make a wonderful SANE dip to stick your prawns into, and of course, as everybody who’s listen to Jonathan for more than five seconds will know seafood is the bomb.

Jonathan: Seafood is good times. Certainly, those prawns are money in the bank – well Carrie, real quick just to go back to the nuts for a second. One trick I have that I really enjoy as a special treat is we’ve all heard chocolate-covered peanuts or chocolate-covered almonds or chocolate-covered cashews, well we can combine a pure 100 percent un-Dutch cocoa and – like the Greek-yogurt recipes, we kind of talk about remake of the Greek-yogurt, you combine it with some pure un-Dutch cocoa and you make a chocolate dip.

It’s a high protein, high super healthy fat, super nutrient dense dip that you then dip the nuts into. That is just the bomb. I have the chocolate protein fudge recipe up on the SmarterScienceofSlim.com and if you just put a little bowl of that out and you sprinkle some almonds on it or you use a little spoon that is quite decadent. You can do the same thing with fruits, too. Take some strawberries, some orange slices, dip it in the SANE almost like a chocolate fondue but it’s not that liquidy [sic]. Quite delicious.

Carrie: Yum. You almost made me want to go to a party. As long as there are no other people there, we’ll be good.

Jonathan: I think we have that a Listener Appreciation Party at some point and it’s just going to be everyone focus on Carrie.

Carrie: What? I’ll be the one under the table.

Jonathan: Actually, listeners just getting behind the scenes here, Jonathan and Carrie, you’ll actually be surprised to hear, probably as surprise to hear as you are for Carrie that I am also quite the introverted person. Meaning that on weekends and such, I’m usually, well, you know this, I’m at home reading scientific studies. That’s what I do for fun.

Carrie: I’m in the store reading labels.

Jonathan: Exactly.

Carrie: And cooking stuff.

Jonathan: In addition to reading stuff and reading labels, we are out there sometimes in social settings and another thing I like to see in social settings, Carrie, is hummus and even sometimes these eggplant cut-type of baba ganoush type dips. There’s a lot of Middle Eastern type dips which can actually make amazingly SANE and are really, really delicious.

Carrie: That does sound good. I going to have to add to my list of things to do.

Jonathan: It’s because somewhere in hummus fundamentally is chickpeas which are fine and not something we want to go out of our way to be like eat a pound of chickpeas in a day. Chickpeas all good, plus some seasonings, plus a little bit of healthy oils in there. Fantastic. That is good eating. You can put that on all kinds of stuff. You could put it on a turkey burger. You could put it on like some – if you have a meat which is very, very lean and therefore potentially kind of dry, maybe a little boring, put on a hummus on top of it, quite good. Quite good. Also good with vegetables.

Carrie: Tomato-based sauces are another thing as long as you make it yourself because the ones in the store tend to be made in with sugar but you could also make some — this doesn’t sound attractive but lumpy paste tomato sauces like relish that you could do which would be really kind of fun particularly for the whole prawn/shrimp thing going on that would be really yummy.

Jonathan: Even the homemade salsas or even salsas at the store, they don’t have any sugar added, don’t have much garbage in them like an all-natural low sugar salsa. Wonderful for the vegetables. Also, wonderful for the prawns or any of the sort of nutrient dense protein appetizers. Another one of which, Carrie, which hopefully will make our readers quite excited because in the surface it may not seem SANE but certainly can be because we’re not afraid of fat here; meatballs.

Carrie: Yum.

Jonathan: You can do chicken meatballs, pork meatballs, beef meatballs, all kinds of meat balls, meat squares, meat triangles. You can put them in any shape you want, Carrie.

Carrie: Even just stab with – what do you call them here? Cocktail stick? What do you call them?

Jonathan: Toothpick?

Carrie: Toothpick. There we go. Just stab them with a toothpick. Pick them up anything that kind of size. [indiscernible 10:02] toothpick is perfect party food.

Jonathan: Absolutely. The key thing here folks, I think, there’s no shortage of fun, SANE party finger food. It’s essentially just steer away from the starches and the sweets, and there’s many, many other options other than the starches and the sweets.

Carrie: Yeah, something like chicken strips. If you get some chicken breast, cut them into thin strips, roll them in a little bit of egg and…

Jonathan: Like an almond flour or something like that, a flax seed.

[Crosstalk 10:33]

Carrie: [indiscernible 10:34] with almond meal.

Jonathan: Almond meal, yup.

Carrie: On which still has a skin on so it’s kind of brown. Roll them in almond meal and bake them in the oven will be perfect finger food. One of those dips or chicken and veggies, it’s just fabulous.

Jonathan: And hard boiled and /or deviled eggs.

Carrie: Oh, eggs. We love hard-boiled eggs.

Jonathan: Also, we do love hard-boiled eggs.

Carrie: Jonathan even knows how to get them out of their shell now.

Jonathan: I do. It’s actually changed my life. Now, when we go to Costco on the weekends, my wife and I, we purchase – and we go to Costco every Saturday or Sunday, we purchase – I’m not joking you, Carrie, we purchase two five dozen containers of eggs, so we buy 120 eggs a week.

Carrie: You are even worse than me.

Jonathan: I love me some eggs. Sometimes what I like to do, Carrie, is I call this the lazy person’s deviled egg is you take the egg, you boil egg, you cut it in half and you leave all the yolk in and none of the yolk in, some of the yolk in, depending on your goals and you put a little scoop of cottage cheese on top of the halved eggs. You cut in longwise. Carrie, I don’t know why but to me that is amazing. It is a simple culinary treat. I don’t know why and it’s assembly. It’s not cooking. You do cooking, I do assembly but I’m telling you cut a boiled egg in half longwise, you take a little dollop of cottage cheese on top, pop it in the mouth, good times. Trust me.

Carrie: I’m going to launch and investigative study on the state of your taste buds.

Jonathan: Well, listeners…

Carrie: And I’m going to publish the results.

Jonathan: Well listeners, I think…

Carrie: Oh, wait. Wait. You don’t have any taste buds.

Jonathan: How about this? Well I’ll have you listeners try this and to be clear, if you don’t like eggs and you don’t like cottage cheese, don’t try this because taking two things you don’t enjoy and combining them will probably not taste good. However, do you like cottage cheese, Carrie?

Carrie: I love cottage cheese.

Jonathan: Well, do you like eggs?

Carrie: Yes.

Jonathan: Clearly, logic dictates that it’s going to be delicious together.

Carrie: It’s awesome.

Jonathan: That’s why I put chocolate on my steak.

Carrie: This is where we [crosstalk 12:48]

Jonathan: If A is good and B is good then clearly A plus B is even better, right?

Carrie: No.

Jonathan: I’m being sarcastic.

Carrie: Yeah, [indiscernible 12:57] anyway.

Jonathan: Well, thank you but…

Carrie: It’s a healthy food.

Jonathan: If you do like eggs and you do like cottage cheese, I would recommend at least boil one egg and try it because I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Carrie Brown included.

Carrie: I just thought of something else while we were seating here being rude to each other from 40 feet away. If you have guest not living with the SANE lifestyle, if you want to include something that kind of makes them feel at home; then biscuits, I have several of the cheesy biscuits that are up on my site and they would be fabulous to have as a something bready [sic] to have on the table. You could make small. You could make them half-size, make them cocktail size. You could even cut them in half and put some of the dip on top to make it horsd’oeuvres would be fantastic. They will not know. If you try it, then you’ll all know they won’t know that they’re not regular biscuits made with [indiscernible 13:57].

Jonathan: Absolutely, and even there’s a recipe on the Smarter Science of Slim support group for what’s called ‘cloud bread’. It’s a completely starch-free bread of sort which actually turning out more like a pita or a flat bread, which is – there’s all kinds of starchecs [sic] things we could be using in place of actual starch. Don’t think you would never be able to eat something like that again or you’ll never be able to have wrap something up. There’s definitely alternatives and certainly don’t stop with the SmarterScienceofSlim.com and don’t stop with MarmaladeandMileposts.com, which is Carrie’s wonderful blog.

There are literally thousands of – there’s diabetic people out there. There’s Paleo people out there. There’s Atkins people out there. There is no shortage of make this without using starch or sweets. Literally, the only excuse any of us have for not having that information is if we didn’t have an Internet connection. If you’ve got Internet connection, you have got, literally, decades of individuals posting all kinds of stuff in this arena so it’s good stuff.

Carrie: However, and I’ve done a lot of searching online to see what is out there and my major heart burn with almost every other site I’ve ever seen including the Paleo people [indiscernible 15:14] to do is they do use honey and we have a problem with honey.

Jonathan: Yeah. Well certainly…

Carrie: A lot of them use maple syrup or honey or they’re actually still using sweeteners which we don’t use so I just don’t go racing out there thinking Paleo is good because it’s not.

Jonathan: Yeah. I like to use some of those other sites as inspiration because I again, one of the reasons I really like Carrie is the recipes that she schooled me and rightfully so that just because – I always say just because a nutrition or exercise information is on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s true. We always talk about that. Just because a recipe is posted on the Internet doesn’t mean it works.

Carrie: It doesn’t mean it works.

Jonathan: At all.

Carrie: More importantly, it doesn’t mean it taste good.

Jonathan: Exactly.

Carrie: I get tons of feedback that says I’ve tried all these other sugar-free, grain-free recipes and they all taste awful but yours don’t, so just because it’s out there doesn’t mean it works and doesn’t mean it taste good.

Jonathan: That’s exactly right so that’s why I love Carrie’s recipes. The one area that I think these recipes can sometimes be useful for is inspiration. You might see a Paleo and again, Paleo I think is a wonderful resource because it’s the closest thing out there to SANITY and it’s a massive community so good resources. For example you find a recipe and it’s using honey then pop over to Smarter Science of Slim support group, ask question, maybe you can pop some Xylitol in there instead or maybe you can even do without the honey because you’ve been SANE for so long that you actually don’t need an added sweetener because it would just taste sweet naturally.

Carrie: Bear in mind though that it depends what it is because if it’s a baked food, you cannot switch honey with Xylitol because honey has moisture on it. If you just switch out for dry Xylitol, you going to have – your ratio are all going to be off and it won’t work.

Jonathan: Absolutely.

Carrie: But if it’s something not a baked goods, something where it’s literally there just to sweeten, you could probably make that switch.

Jonathan: These, I think, are great things to bring up in the Smarter Science of Slim support group as well or post them up on Carrie’s blog of “What do I swap for this?” because that’s an area that I think the more we can help get information out there to SANE then we can all be.

Carrie: Yay.

Jonathan: Good stuff. Certainly, good stuff. Next question Carrie is much simpler and going to be much quicker to answer and that is “Is there…?”

Carrie: I’m [indiscernible 17:42] take a long time.

Jonathan: No, that was though. I wanted to show the vast options available to us in terms of SANE party because that’s always fun. “IPhone apps or just mobile phone apps in general, is there a Smarter Science of Slim smartphone app or is one planned?” and the answer is no and yes. There is not one, there is one planned. I suspect it’s going to be a while before it comes out simply because as you know my background is in software development so I’m not just going to put anything out there.

If I’m going to put something on, I want it to be good and it’s going to take some money and time. Two things which I’m not overwhelmed with at the moment. I would say in 2014 when the Calorie Myth, the new book comes out I would imagine that we’re going to see a SANE app which is going to be awesome but for the moment, there’s not one. However, the good news is app is coming. Sorry, it’s not available right now but stick around. We’ve got a lot more good stuff coming including apps and other fun things so there you go.

Carrie: I’ve also been asked if I’m going to have a recipe app and the answer is what’s an app? I’m sorry, people. I have this cool smartphone here and I think I have an app on it and it’s Facebook and that’s kind of where my app knowledge ends, so once I have time to figure out what a recipe app would look like and how that would work then I will absolutely think about getting one written or whatever that is.

Jonathan: Carrie, I think this might be a wonderful opportunity. We’ve been with our listeners here for approaching a year. I don’t think it’s quite a year yet, I’m not a hundred percent sure but I think it might be time – if folks don’t know this already, they might, they might not, but let’s officially come out of the closet now. A lot of people may not know this actually isn’t Carrie nor my full time job. It’s like “Carrie, why don’t you just create a recipe app with all your free time?” It’s like “Jonathan, where is the SANITY app?” Both Carrie and I actually we do this because we love it and we think it is the right thing to do and we literally think it is.

It’s like we have a moral obligation to stem – we all have a moral obligation. We can’t all become diabetic. We can’t live in a society where everyone is overweight and frankly, we can’t sleep at night knowing that you and millions of other people have been lied to about the single most critical thing in the world and that is your health and the health of your family. We’re up nights and weekends doing this stuff so we would certainly love to do more but please forgive that we might not be able to do everything just because both Carrie and I have 80 plus hour regular jobs in addition to the Smarter Science of Slim.

Carrie: I would love nothing more than to be able to do this seven days a week. I’m constantly thinking of ways that I can get to that point but right now the mortgage needs paying and I have to do a day job to do that and I get to your requests and stuff as quickly as I can.

Jonathan: We appreciate all the wonderful support and you…

Carrie: We really do.

Jonathan: You keep us going.

Carrie: You keep us going.

Jonathan: I just want to share that with everyone because I think sometimes people are like “Where is the app?” It’s coming, it’s in the stack. Let’s put it that way.

Carrie: I love it when I get email from people saying something along the lines of “Maybe one of your team could do export [indiscernible 21:15]”, they said. I’m like “Oh, let me just ask her. She’s in the kitchen developing cookies.”

Jonathan: Carrie get so of your team on this. What are you doing?

Carrie: Let me see what the Daisy is doing.

Jonathan: Daisy would be the name of one of Carrie’s cats for those who do not know. Daisy build this app. She’s like “Meow.” I love it. We’re here. We’re committed. It just might take a little bit longer than usual so just give us some time.

Carrie: Sorry about that.

Jonathan: Next, mandolines.

Carrie: Oh, mandolines.

Jonathan: Mandoline. You have to sing it when you say it.

Carrie: No.

Jonathan: Okay, I’ll do it. Carrie, tell us about mandolines.

Carrie: [Crosstalk 21:53] me sing in public.

Jonathan: Mandolines

Carrie: I love my mandoline.

Jonathan: Tell us about why you love a mandoline.

Carrie: If I wasn’t worried about being arrested, I’d sleep with my mandolin.

Jonathan: Tell us what a mandoline is. Why it’s useful for SANity? Et cetera, et cetera.

Carrie: A mandoline is a very cold, very sharp slicing device.

Jonathan: Not an instrument although it may sound like one.

Carrie: Well, it is but not a musical…

Jonathan: Not a musical instrument.

Carrie: It’s a very snazzy knife.

Jonathan: Yes.

Carrie: But it makes very short work of making vegetables look awesome. It also makes it possible to process a lot of vegetables in a very short time but it also makes them very uniform and you generally can’t chop your fingers off with one knife. It’s bigger than knife so it’s also safer. The better ones come with a lot of different knives, lot of different blades so you could make crinkly carrots and straight carrots and square carrots and round carrots and you can just – so it’s really one: it saves time, two: it enables you to process an awful lot of vegetables but three: it makes vegetable look terribly attractive. If you eat a huge amount of vegetables, it can just make the whole eating experience nicer, more fun, more interesting than having the same old thing all the time.

Jonathan: Absolutely, and for folks that are really not familiar with mandolines, we’ve got some in the SANE store and it’s just a link to Amazon. It’s always appreciated if you check that out because we get a whooping, I think, three percent but it still helps to keep the site up. A mandoline is like a board with a blade in it and you essentially swipe the vegetable back and forth.

Carrie: It looks like an old fashioned washboard.

Jonathan: Yeah, there you go.

Carrie: Has a blade halfway down.

Jonathan: Instead of holding the vegetable stationary and moving a knife, you actually hold the mandoline stationary and you move the vegetable. If you’re doing carrots, zucchini, cucumber, literally, it’s ten times faster and the uniformity like Carrie is saying it is truly – it’s like the Vitamix for chopping vegetables.

Carrie: Right. I think if you’re not eating something that you used to eat having variety – the presentation becomes even more important when you’re trying to eat a lifestyle that maybe doesn’t include some of the things you ate before.

Jonathan: I think that’s a really, really good point there. There is definitely a lot more to eating than just the nutrients and the science. The presentation, the variety, the fun, the emotion, absolutely I think it’s really great. Even if you can crinkle-cut carrot slices versus just a regular slice. Even the texture in your mouth is different.

Carrie: It is.

Jonathan: We’ve all experiences that, I think. For me, at least – and certainly, there are inSANE ways to do this and SANE ways to do this but lunch meat. If you go to a deli and you get lunch meat sliced very, very thin versus thick, it actually taste different. It’s obviously the same food but the way you slice it actually changes the taste.

Carrie: Particularly for, not that I have any, but I’m thinking for children, a mandoline could be hugely helpful because carrots are just more fun if they’re crinkly. Cucumber is more fun if it’s a different shape or if it doesn’t look like a cucumber that might help them eat it.

Jonathan: Absolutely.

Carrie: Or you can make shapes and just make it more fun, not just for children, but also for maybe the adults who aren’t veggie lovers. This can help them.

Jonathan: Yes, and for those who like me anytime you’re cutting anything, you’re watching something or listen to something or talking on the phone, the one thing to be careful with the mandoline is it’s so easy to use and you’re going so fast as well as it chops carrots, it could also potentially chop the tip of your finger off if you do it incorrectly. However, there are these wonderful gloves you can buy. They’re a dollar or two dollars, where they just have a special coding on the fingers where one: you can grip the vegetables more easily but if you do happen to hit the blade with your finger, the gloves protect you so it prevents you from slicing your fingers which are great.

Carrie: I would strongly advise if you haven’t bought a mandoline and you’re going to, that you buy one of the ones that has a guard.

Jonathan: Yes.

Carrie: They have ones where you put the vegetables in the guard and so you cannot – it never comes close to the blade because if it’s a good quality mandoline that blade is sharp with a capital S.

Jonathan: Absolutely.

Carrie: Generally speaking with mandolines, the more expensive they are, the better they are so get the best one you can afford. If you can find one that has the hand guard, you will probably not be adding protein to your vegetable.

Jonathan: I love it. I love it and that is inSANE protein. We don’t want that. I want to finish up this week’s podcast Carrie with two fun reader success stories and I wish we should have started sharing these sooner. There’s no shortage of them and I’m just “Why?” Anyway, so we’re going to start sharing them now. The first one, the title of this was Unable to Lift the Coffee Pot and this is wonderful because Charlotte, it looks like Charlotte Ronald [??? 27:16], forgive me if I’m mispronouncing your name, Charlotte, did her first round of Smarter exercise and very clearly use the appropriate amount of resistance because the next morning when she woke up she was unable to lift the coffee pot.

She actually had to use two hands to lift her coffee pot so that is a good sign. Charlotte, you used the appropriate resistance. If you cannot lift it up that’s like you know you’re a red neck if. You know you’re exercising smarter if the next day you wake up and you can’t pick up the coffee pot with one hand.

Carrie: I’ve spoken to several people this week who were just like “Really? Ten minutes of exercise renders you completely useless?” I’m like “Yes.” They’re “I can’t imagine that.” I’m like “Just try. You’ll see.” It is amazing how two and a half minutes total on my bike can render me completely unable to walk.

Jonathan: Absolutely. The last success story for this week and just the last story for this week is from a gentleman by the name of Roy and it’s a pretty cool story. Roy is a young gentleman and he was a cheerleader in college and recently started working a full time job. He’s been there for a couple of years and with being more stationary lost many of the acrobatic abilities that he had previously. Well, recently started going SANE which was cool. Didn’t really modify his exercise routine but just went SANE and send us a video of himself doing a standing back flip for the first time in three years. Congratulation, Roy. That’s very, very cool.

Carrie: That was pretty awesome.

Jonathan: Yeah, it’s pretty, pretty neat. If you want to check out, it’s just on the Smarter Science of Slim support group which is at the SmarterScienceofSlim.com/community and just search for ‘so much energy’. When I say search – again, sorry, limitation of resources and time, the search function on the support group are actually not very good. However, here is a secret to do much better. Look at the announcements on the support group and there is an announcement that says “How to find anything instantly?” It’s a way to use Google where you can use Google to search any site so the way you do that is you do site colon and then you put the name of the website and then you put the thing you want to search for.

This is all explained on the support group on How to Find Things Instantaneously discussion but in this case, if you want to see Roy’s standing back flip, go to the Google and type site colon and then put in the Smarter Science of Slim community URL and then type in ‘so much energy’ and you will find a fun Roy doing a standing back flip due to SANity.

Carrie: Good for Roy. That’s awesome.

Jonathan: Well folks, I hope you enjoy this week’s show as much as we did. We always enjoy sharing our evenings with you and until next week and for every week afterwards, eat more, exercise less but do it smarter. Talk with you soon.

Carrie: See you.

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  • How to simplify slicing non-starchy vegetables.
  • How SANEity is “flipping” empowering.
  • Where’s the SANE app?