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Carrie Brown- Lovely listeners, this is Carrie Brown and with me I have Mr. Jonathan Bailor.

Jonathan Bailor- Oh yeah. Like the Kool-Aid man – Ohhhh Yeahhhh…

Carrie- Hi, Jonathan.

Jonathan- How are you doing, Carrie?

Carrie- I’m doing great. How are you?

Jonathan- I am feeling philosophical today.

Carrie- Uh oh.

Jonathan- I am.

Carrie- Should we be scared?

Jonathan- Well, a little bit.

Carrie- O.K.

Jonathan- But not too much.

Carrie- Break us in gently.

Jonathan- Well, you may have to reel me in because I do love philosophy. I love Greece- ancient Greece. I think they did a lot of cool things back in ancient Greece. We talk about quality so much in this show – quality of eating, quality of exercise, just the primacy of quality rather than quantity. Which is what we’ve all been told about, right? Eating and exercising are really important matters in everyone’s life. There’s also another thing which is very, very important and that is time. Oftentimes people say, “If I’m going to be eating SANEly and exercising, that’s just going to take more time”. Well, if we look back to ancient Greece and we look back to quality, the Greeks actually had a very interesting concept that we’ve lost. That’s the difference between time quantity and time quality. Specifically, they had two words for time. They had the word chronos, which is time as we think of it. You worked for eight hours today – eight hours of “chronos” time you worked.

Carrie- Eh, that hasn’t happened in a long time.

Jonathan- Fair.

Carrie- I’d like to only work for eight hours in a day.

Jonathan- Then they had another term called kairos, and kairos is time quality. A good example of quality (we all know this) – you can spend fifteen minutes with someone and it’s the most magical fifteen minutes, it’s quality time.

Carrie- Oh, it’s kind of like our podcasts then?

Jonathan- Yeess! Aww. Another way to think about kairos is when you think about time on a quality spectrum (and not just on a quantity spectrum) really interesting things happen in terms of how we perceive health. First of all, let me give one example of kairos time. Professionally, let’s say you’re in the sales business. All of us are in the sales business in one form or another, right? We’re selling ideas, products, or we’re just trying to influence people – get our boss to let us work four, ten-hour days. It’s all about influence and persuasion, right? Let’s do standard sales, let’s say that you make $100,000 in sales over the course of a year. Let’s say you meet with a client for an hour lunch and you’re just on top of your game, your quality of the conversation is high and you sell $90,000 worth of product. You sell ninety percent of what you do in one year – in one day – in one hour, in one day. The amount of kairos you spent that day is astronomical, even though it only took you one hour of chronos time to make that sale. The reason that’s really important is because (I believe) that when we go SANE and we get healthier, a couple things happen. Time changes – we can actually…time travel is the wrong word but let me give you two concrete examples, Carrie. Speaking from personal experience and speaking from a massive amount of science, you can get the metabolic, aesthetic, and health benefits in 1/10 of the amount of time spent exercising – if you exercise smarter. That is just completely true, so right there…

Carrie- It’s also freaking awesome.

Jonathan- It’s awesome! So, right there – ten hours with low quality. You can achieve the same (if not better results) in one hour with high quality, when we use science on our side. Right there, we time traveled. We just added nine hours to our week. Another example (this one’s a little bit more metaphysical) a lot of us are not in a position where we can go through the motions in our life. The quality of the decisions we make, matter. Let me give you a concrete example. Let’s say you have a key boss at work or a partner at home and you’re in a bad mood. Because you’re in a bad mood, you have a bad interpersonal interaction with that person. How many hours does it take to undo the damage done because you didn’t feel good and maybe did something that in retrospect you wish you hadn’t done? What if you never felt that way anymore? Therefore, what if you didn’t have…

Carrie- To fix stuff.

Jonathan- …to fix stuff anymore? So we start to say things like, “Oh, it takes more time to cook.” If you could invest two hours a week and because you felt so much better and your mind was so much sharper, you now got twice the amount of work done in an eight hour day than you used to. If you stop making mistakes, how much time does that save you? If you stop having conflicts, how much time does that save you? I think you will start to see that as you become healthier and healthier, your kairos (the quality of your time) goes up so much, the quality of your results go up so much.
While you might be spending more chronos on your health, the quality of your time and what you’re able to do with your time goes up so high, that at the end of the day, you’re doing, achieving, feeling, and living more than you ever have. Was that too metaphysical or did that make some sense?

Carrie- That is exactly why I live with five cats.

Jonathan- Because it doesn’t make any sense?!

Carrie- No, because I don’t have to deal with having to fix things because I messed up. My cats don’t care.

Jonathan- Your cats don’t care. You could either eat smarter and exercise smarter, or you could just live with cats!

Carrie- I don’t have to backtrack on any conversations or any of that.

Jonathan- But you understand what I mean? You’ve told me wonderful stories.

Carrie- I do. I’m being funny.

Jonathan- Yes, yes. But obviously, our jobs on one level or another is to make our boss happy or to make people in our life happy. That can either be easy or it can be hard. If you’re in a great mental and physiological state, it’s much more likely. If your objective is to score a basket in basketball, if it takes you ten shots or if it takes you one shot, which would you rather it take? If you’re in a creative job (this is really evident in creative jobs) – if you hire an advertising agency, a painter, or interior decorator and they get it right the first time, well – all done, go home.

Carrie- Awesome. Yeah.

Jonathan- Right? Who cares if you get it right and get the results you need? I just think it’s really important. When we only think about time linearly (quantity of time), we’re like, “Oh my God, I have to spend two hours of time on Sunday cooking?” You’re not losing two hours.

Carrie- Right.

Jonathan- You will literally gain double digit hours of results. The quality of the time you will get as a result of the small quantity of time you had to put in to it are magnified and it’s glorious.

Carrie- It’s not just that though, it’s also the reduction in stress if you organize your life that way. My best example (right now) is that at the beginning of this week, I made a ridiculous amount of my strawberry, chia seed porridge.

Jonathan- Yeah.

Carrie- I put it all in individual glass jars in the fridge – it took me fifteen minutes. It has been so awesome just coming downstairs in the morning, reaching in the fridge, putting it in my bag – done.

Jonathan- Yep.

Carrie- Ok, so it took me fifteen minutes at one time. Not only the amount of time, but also stress that that has saved me over the course of this week, is fantastic.

Jonathan- Another analogy that might hit home a little bit better for folks is the idea of thinking of time as money. We already do, we talk about spending time like you spend money. You can invest time (we all know this) just like you invest money. You invest time getting a college education for hopes that it pays off in the future. You invest some money in stocks now, for hopes it will pay dividends in the future. We all know this on some level. Truly, concretely, if you invest some time exercising eccentrically (and it’s very small) and you invest some time in eating sanely, you will get dividends in time – you will literally get more time. I think I’m just babbling at this point, but I don’t think people understand that you can spend time today and actually have more time in the future. Not only because you’re living longer, that’s not what I’m talking about. The fact is that you will get more out of the time you have. There’s quantity of life, there’s quality of life. As the quality of your life goes up, your time actually expands.

Carrie- Wow.

Jonathan- I told you – metaphysical, so hopefully it made some sense.

Carrie- It made a lot of sense to me.

Jonathan- Alright. Well, much less metaphysical and much more concrete – I want to talk about non-starchy vegetables, low-fructose fruits, and what the best/worst options are. I wanted to bring this up specifically because our dear Dr. Cathy recently had a wonderful guest post in the Smarter Science of Slim and talked about how fruit can potentially be fattening. Some people on Facebook went crazy, “Ahh, you guys are irresponsible for posting this and how could you possibly…” Because she says fructose is the fruit sugar, you find fructose in fruits, and there is high fructose corn syrup. People were just like, “The fact that you even mention those things in the same blog post is irresponsible!” People got angry, angry, angry. So I just wanted to pop back for a second here because: 1 – people need to calm down and 2 – I would urge us to fight human nature. No one is like, “meat is good” or “meat is bad”. There are high-quality meats and low-quality meats. We don’t even say, “vegetables are good” or “vegetables are bad”. We identify a subset of vegetables called non-starchy vegetables and we call those good. I don’t think starchy vegetables are good. So, for every type of food, it’s not about saying things like, “this is good” and “this is bad”. It’s about saying – let’s look at all food stuffs, let’s identify the highest-quality sources and let’s identify the lowest-quality sources. Let’s eat so much of the high-quality stuff that we don’t have room for the low-quality stuff. When it comes to fruits, they are no different than anything else. There are high-quality fruits and there are lower-quality fruits. Granted, the lower-quality fruits are still higher-quality than the highest-quality pure sugar but they’re still lower-quality than higher-quality fruits. That’s what Dr. Cathy was getting at in her post. It’s not that fruits are bad or fattening, it’s that anything in excess is bad and fattening. There are low-quality anything and there are high-quality anything. Does that make sense?

Carrie- It does. You know, at the end of the day, the truth is the truth. If consuming a lot of fructose/glucose causes you to lay down fat, then it does. It just is what it is. I understand that people get upset but they’re getting upset with reality. We don’t make this stuff up.

Jonathan- It’s an “inconvenient truth”, as Al Gore would say.

Carrie- Yeah. We don’t make this stuff up. It is what it is and we’re here to help you to navigate that.

Jonathan- Again, folks, the key thing to keep in mind – all we are saying is that I have yet to meet anyone, ever, whose fat loss efforts stalled because they were eating too many non-starchy vegetables. I have never met someone who has had that problem. I have met people whose fat loss efforts have stalled severely because they are taking in too much sugar – regardless of the source.

Carrie- Which includes fruit.

Jonathan- Exactly. That doesn’t mean that fruit is bad for you. It just means that if your fat loss efforts are stalled, step one would be to look at the types of… Well, step one is to ensure you’re not eating insane foods. Assuming you’re not, step one is to look at the fruits you’re consuming and ask yourself if they are the highest-quality of fruits I could be eating. AKA – fruits that provide you the most nutrients and the least amount of sugar. Generally things like berries and citrus – blueberries, strawberries, oranges, lemons, limes, things like that. If you are not, I would say shift to those types of fruits rather than conventional apples, conventional, grapes, conventional bananas -the most common fruits. If you’ve done that switch and you’re still not seeing progress, then…

Carrie- Cut down.

Jonathan- …potentially cut down. Also, check out where you’re getting your whole food fats from because it’s also very easy to overdo it with nuts. But also people understand that – they’re like, “Oh my God! You say, ‘don’t over do it on the nuts’. Are you fat-phobic?” Come on, come on, we’re all more mature than this. We understand that overdoing anything isn’t right. You can drink too much water and it can kill you. It happens every year – some radio jockey dies because he over drinks water. So, no one’s afraid of anything, it’s all good. Dr. Cathy’s awesome. Fruit’s good, as long as it’s low in sugar.

Carrie- We love you, Dr. Cathy.

Jonathan- So everyone send Dr. Cathy good vibrations and many thanks for the continued great work on the blog.

Carrie- Yay!

Jonathan- Yay! Kitchen equipment that makes SANE cooking easier, quicker, and more fun. Carrie Brown, tell us how we can do it.

Carrie- Up on my blog, carriebrown.com, there’s a post which I wrote called -Equipment that makes SANE recipes easier and quicker. For many people, moving to a SANE lifestyle means going in to the kitchen, which is something that they didn’t do before (or did very little). Being SANE, following a SANE lifestyle, really does mean you’re going to have to do some cooking. To the extent which you decide to cook, there are some things that will make it easier, quicker (since we were just talking about quality time) and more fun. You can go to my blog and read the list but I’ll just quickly run over the things. To be clear, you don’t need any of this. You can do it all without, this will just make your life easier and give you some more of that time. Probably my number one thing would be my Vitamix.

Jonathan- Vitamix! Again, we don’t get any money from Vitamix, it’s just awesome.

Carrie- Yes. I don’t know what I did before I had one and if the house was burning down…

Jonathan- Grab the Vitamix.

Carrie- …once the cats were gone, and the computer – the Vitamix would be next to go. I also have a regular blender because sometimes you don’t want to smash everything to a cellular level. Sometimes you want to keep some texture or you just don’t need the high powered blender, so I also have a blender. I have a food processor (again, not essential) just makes things easier and quicker. I use it for mixing doughs, obviously no grains, and it also can be super handy for slicing. I also have a hand mixer for those times when I just don’t have the arm power to beat egg whites.

Jonathan- You need more eccentrics.

Carrie- Yes, I need more eccentrics. A steamer – I love steamed veggies, so a steamer is probably one of my most used pieces of kitchen equipment. It’s very easy. You just fill it with water, switch it on, sling your veggies in, and leave them until it pings. Scale, I have a kitchen scale. If there’s one thing, I urge you – if you are going to do any of my SANE baking, you have to have a scale because I do them all in grams and ounces. You have to get a scale, that’s probably my must do. A mandolin, we did half a podcast on a mandolin before, so we won’t go over that again.

Jonathan- Correct.

Carrie- Mandolin’s are awesome.

Jonathan- Easy slicing, in short.

Carrie- Easy slicing. Another thing that’s good for veggies that makes it easy and cute is a julienne peeler.

Jonathan- What is that?

Carrie- It makes zucchini in to spaghetti.

Jonathan- Oh yes, that’s brilliant for the zucchini noodles.

Carrie- Yep.

Jonathan- Which are awesome, by the way.

Carrie- You can get a julienne peeler for nine bucks.

Jonathan- Personally folks, for me, Amazon.com. Easy-breezy, shipped to your doorstep, love it.

Carrie- Yep. Microplanes – if you have not made the switch from a regular grater to a microplane, it’s like a grater on steroids. For lemon zest, orange zest, those kinds of things – absolutely fantastic.

Jonathan- Nice.

Carrie- Sieves. Sieves is because I’m a perfectionist and I sieve just about everything in the name of texture and consistency.

Jonathan- Oh, is that the thing you shake, like flour?

Carrie- Do you have a different name for them here?

Jonathan- No, I think it’s a sieve, I just haven’t heard it sieve. Cocoa nibs- we should put our nibs in the sieve! Nibs in the sieve!

Carrie- No, no, Jonathan – stop it. There’s a few other things, but those are the big things that I have in my kitchen. The other thing I would recommend is glass storage because you don’t want to store foods in plastic if you can avoid it.

Jonathan- Is it because of the leaching issue?

Carrie- Right.

Jonathan- Nice.

Carrie- I buy all Pyrex, the glass dishes with the plastic lids – and it’s all goodness.

Jonathan- Nice.

Carrie- There’s no transference of flavor or color. To me, if flavor and color can transfer to the plastic, then the chemicals in the plastic must be transferred back to the food. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to eat that stuff. That’s why I stick with glass.

Jonathan- I love it, Carrie.

Carrie- It’s not a long list and like I say, you don’t need all of it. But, it will make life quicker and easier for you.

Jonathan- What is the name of the blog post?

Carrie- It’s called, Equipment that makes SANE recipes easier and quicker.

Jonathan- That is a good and appropriate title for this topic.

Carrie- Which made a change because usually my titles can be quite inappropriate. I thought that would help people to find it.

Jonathan- One other thing that I wanted to mention that will help people is – just recently we made a pretty significant technological investment, hope it will be helpful for folks. We’ve been getting a lot of feedback that there is a lot of content out there. We’ve got the Slim is Simple non-profit effort, the podcast, blogs, guest podcasts, Slim is Simple simple tips, we’ve just got a bunch of stuff going on. Over time, more and more people finding out about the Smarter Science of Slim, about Carrie’s great recipes – we need a way to step people through this, get them started, and get them on the right track. Put it this way, if you haven’t listened to every single podcast, read every single blog post, and you’re not already in the Smarter Science of Slim community (getting free 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year support) go to the Smarterscienceofslim.com. There on the homepage we’ve got a form where you just give us your name and e-mail address (we don’t ever spam you). We start this cool process where we take you through this four week program, gradually introduce you to a bunch of the resources we have, give you some access to some new additional resources, and it allows us to just stay in contact with you. We’ve also restructured the website a little bit so that the very first tab is “start here”. It’s – Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, instead of just being like, “BOOM! Look at all this stuff!” We’ve created a system where we (both via e-mail and on the website) introduce you to it in a logical step fashion. We’ve also got some interactive trackers. So literally, Monday- do this, Tuesday- do this, Wednesday- do this. Got a lot of positive feedback on it so far, hoping you’ll like it. Check it out, Smarterscienceofslim.com, 100 percent free.

Carrie- One of the things I love about that, even for me, is that you’ll have all the links to all the stuff in one place. You can just save the e-mails and you’ll know where to go to get it all.

Jonathan- Exactly, exactly. Like everything else, we try to put some time in it. We try to put some quality – so always open for feedback, always appreciate feedback, and always appreciate you letting people know about this kind of stuff. We’re doing our best, but everything we can do to help each other and really work together to make healthy – healthy again is much appreciated, so please check it out. Spread the word and we’ll see ya next week.

Carrie- See ya!

Jonathan- Until then, eat more, exercise less, but do it smarter. See ya!

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