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Ice Cream that Burns Fat and Boosts Health (Part 1 of 2)

Carrie: Hey, everybody. This is Carrie Brown and I am here with Mr. Jonathan Bailor. How are you?

Jonathan: Carrie! I’m excited!

Carrie: You’re always excited. Tell me something new.

Jonathan: Listeners, you’re going to have to stick with me here because I’m not going to actually let Carrie reel me in. She’s not allowed to reel me in because the reason I’m going to go off the reel is – Carrie Brown.

So folks, the great Carrie Brown has done something that I couldn’t be happier about. Because, listeners, you know, I know, Carrie certainly knows that going SANE is not about deprivation. It’s about just being smarter. It’s about just being a smart shopper. You can go to the store, you can get that beautiful new dress or that beautiful new suit, you could pay retail for it and if you paid retail for it, you might have to shop in moderation; otherwise, you would break the bank. But if you’re a smart shopper, not only can you get that new dress, not only can you get that new suit, maybe you can grab some shoes, maybe you can grab a belt, maybe you could actually have your cake and eat it, too – literally! Because you used your brain – your beautiful brain.

Now, Carrie has done something I like to tell people that you can eat basically anything you want while being SANE. It’s just about doing it smarter. Eat more smarter. Folks, Carrie Brown has written a friggin’ recipe book for ice cream that is absurdly SANE! She has literally taken “Oh not everything can be SANE Jonathan!” 30! There are 30 completely SANE ice cream recipes in this book, thus proving….. You see why, how happy I am, right?! This makes my life so easier. Like, “Jonathan! Oh, it’s a diet. What can I eat?” How ‘bout some friggin’ ice cream! That’s glorious! Thank you to Carrie Brown for proving definitively in her new exclusively ice cream cookbook – titled ‘TBD’, but it’s going to be something glorious – that we can all scream for SANE ice cream. Carrie!

Carrie: Yay!

Jonathan: And she asked me to write the foreword. How nice is that?!

Carrie: Well, who else could I have write the foreword?

Jonathan: Carrie, this is going to be a fun rest of this episode and the next episode. It’s almost like the guest podcast we have, except on this podcast, Carrie Brown is the guest.

Carrie: Now, you never told me that bit.

Jonathan: I know. We don’t plan these so it’s the best we can do. So Carrie Brown, you’ve written this brilliant ice cream, this SANE ice cream book. Folks, just so you know, my parents were in town, and myself, my dear mother, my dear father, and Angela all had three flavors of Carrie’s ice cream and hands-down phenomenal! This is the best endorsement I can give you, Carrie, and this is God’s honest truth. I refused to eat it at some point because I said there’s no way this is SANE. Since then, I have been proven wrong. It is absolutely SANE and…. [claps]. It was really all I can say. So, Carrie Brown, I didn’t even know this book existed until you showed it to me the other day and now you’re showing the world. How did this all begin? I’m so excited I can’t talk.

Carrie: I guess my whole ice cream thing started 4 years ago.

Jonathan: When you say ‘ice cream thing’, what does that mean?

Carrie: Well, I was never really an ice cream person. Growing up most of my life, ice cream was never really my thing, really. But then, four years ago, I had to make a birthday dessert for a friend and for some reason that I can’t explain to you in any way, shape or form. I decided I was going to make ice cream, even though I’d never made ice cream before. I know, right?! A pastry chef that never made ice cream! But I had never made ice cream. So I decided that was what I was going to do. It was June. It was warm. My friend loved raspberries. I decided I was going to make raspberry ice cream. And because I am just an ‘all-or-nothing’ kind of girl, I made raspberry ice cream and I also made raspberry ripple ice cream and I didn’t even believe they were homemade.

Jonathan: These are for real – like, cream, sugar, everything?

Carrie: Yeah, they were traditional ice creams.

Jonathan: This is just standard ice cream, right?

Carrie: Yeah, traditional ice creams. And nobody believed that I’d made them! So after that – and I’d enjoyed the whole process of making ice cream so much that I decided I was going to make some other flavors. Then I decided that every weekend, I was going to create a new flavor of traditional ice cream. Then of course, that turned to two a weekend, and then that turned to four a weekend, and then I was just churning out ice cream and I had to buy a second churner and four bowls and…

Jonathan: And then Baskin Robbins’ came knockin’, like, “Hey! 32 flavors? What are you trying to do?”

Carrie: Well, actually it wasn’t Baskin Robbins, but I was producing ice cream for a local hotel.

Jonathan: Oh, wow!

Carrie: Or a local restaurant in a hotel. I was making it for friends and neighbors. If anyone did anything for me, they got ice cream. So then, everyone wanted to do stuff for me because they wanted ice cream. I took it to my day job and everybody loved Ice Cream Day and it was just…. My whole life became completely surrounded with ice cream that I’d made. That was all just going swimmingly until I met Bailor.

Jonathan: I threw a wrinkle?

Carrie: You threw a huge wrinkle in my ice cream world because once I met you, and I understood about sugar and how that all worked, well then I could no longer live with integrity and think Bailor all week and then spend all weekend making these ice creams that were helping to kill people. I mean, not to be dramatic, but you know what I mean.

Jonathan: No, it’s true.

Carrie: For a little while, I carried on making the ice cream and hanging out with Bailor and then over time, I just think that the dissonance between making ice cream and giving it away to people and spending time with Jonathan became too great and I just couldn’t deal with it anymore, so I stopped making ice cream.

Jonathan: The profoundly empowering thing that you’ve done here, Carrie, is that, I know many people like you who bake or cook because it enables them to bring joy to other people. Neither I nor anyone involved in the health movement, we don’t want to come in and rain on anyone’s parade and say, “You know that thing you do to make people happy? Stop!” That’s no fun. But at the same time, just like you said, we don’t want to make people smile today only to make them diabetic tomorrow.

Carrie: Right.

Jonathan: So how amazing is it that – and I don’t want to give away the next part of your story, but – then you found a way to all of these things – ice cream in the future, and people have already seen this on your blog and will continue to see even more, cakes, cookies, pies – all of these things have been SANEtized or just done in a more intelligent fashion. Correct?

Carrie: Right. So having decided that I couldn’t live with myself in my new SANE world and make regular ice cream, I just stopped making ice cream. But then, after a little while, I realized that I really missed it and I also lost my title of the ice cream queen because I was no longer making it, so I no longer had all this ice cream adulation.

Jonathan: Ice cream ‘adulation’?!

Carrie: Hey, I’m human! I missed it. But also, which is very important for me, like you say, to help make other people happy.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Carrie: I wasn’t making people happy because I wasn’t making them ice cream. And I missed that. And I wasn’t getting stuff done at my house, either, because no one would come and help me because there was no ice cream. So, there was this huge ice cream hole in my life. All these crazy and good reasons! So after I had started blogging all my SANE recipes, I decided there had to be a way to create ice cream that did not cause me to go off the wagon, off the SANEity wagon. I could make something SANE. But for me, because I’m Carrie Brown and I’m a bit weird like that, it had to taste as good as or better than traditional ice cream. I know the people that follow me comment about my ridiculous perfectionism when it comes to recipes; but for me, that’s the whole thing. It has to taste as good as or better than what you were eating, but it also has to be SANE.

Jonathan: Carrie, let me interrupt you here real quick. I’m going to keep saying this because it didn’t really even click with me, listeners, until somewhat recently, but the only reason ‘healthy’ or ‘slimness’ is hard is because there’s this sense of deprivation. Right? There are things we used to enjoy that we feel like we can’t enjoy anymore. This is me. I’m guilty of this. I’ll talk about i.e. ‘ice cream’. Jonathan Bailor’s version of SANE ice cream is good for me, but it does not taste like regular ice cream. So anyone who I gave that to would say, “Okay, this is healthy ice cream.” “I get it.” Healthy ice cream. That’s analogous to saving money on clothes by having to go buy it at the second-hand store. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you know you’re not really getting what you really wanted. Imagine Neiman Marcus has some super high-end designer outfit that’s just on an amazing sale! It’s almost like that’s too good to be true, but it’s not. Carrie’s done that. She’s essentially put all these delicious treats on sale from a health perspective. Like, the impact they’re going to have on your metabolism is benign and the impact they’re going to have on your taste buds is literally…there is no reason not to go SANE when you have things like this. It’s amazing! Carrie, keep going. I’m sorry, I get too excited. Keep going. It’s amazing!

Carrie: So anyway, I decided that it had to be possible. So I just worked on coming up with something that tasted the same and also behaved the same because ice cream is very geeky. It’s the most complex food thing that we’ve created as humans and it’s just not easy. You can’t just sling a part of stuff in a churner and expect to get scoopable ice cream out the other end. There’s a lot of physics and chemistry involved. So I wanted to get flavors that tasted better than premium ice cream, but I also had to get the texture and the consistency right. It’s taken a lot of trial and a lot of error and several attempts until I got it right. Every one is different depending on what ingredients you have in it, but I guess I have proved it’s possible.

I had a team of taste-testers. They were blind because, of course, they didn’t know what I did.

Jonathan: So it was a blind….. The taste-testers were not literally blind?

Carrie: No, no, no.

Jonathan: “I had a group of taste-testers, all of whom were blind!”

Carrie: No, it was a blind taste test. Then I told them that they were sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, some of them are dairy-free…… I mean, they were just like….! I swear, half of them still don’t believe me.

Jonathan: Yup.

Carrie: Because they couldn’t believe…..! There was one that I developed was cinnamon or a snicker doodle and every one of the taste-testers was like, “How in the world do you get ice cream that’s healthy to taste like a cinnabon cinnamon roll?!” I still think half of them don’t believe that they were what I said they were.

Jonathan: I am guilty of that.

Carrie: Including Jonathan!

Jonathan: Here’s another brilliant thing about this, folks. Obviously you can tell I’m pretty excited about these recipes. Carrie talked about the science that goes into this – and there is. Unilever, Kraft…. – they have food scientists. We all notice the design, these chemical flavors, and blah, blah, blah… The other thing you’ll notice about Carrie’s recipes is that in addition to just being SANE, they’re made at home. So they are made with whole, healthy, delicious foods.

Carrie: Natural foods.

Jonathan: There’s none of this, “We’ll go to the store and buy Yellow 5 and some xanthine glycogen… whatever…..blah blah blah….” It’s all just food combined with science combined with culinary expertise. And it’s not about saying, “Let’s all eat ice cream all day every day.” It’s about saying, just like we don’t drive the same cars we used to, fly in the same airplanes we used to, use the same computers we used to, we don’t need to eat the same ice cream we used to. We can eat smarter, SANE ice cream. That gets me excited.

Carrie: I’m very, very excited. In fact, I’m still in that kind of ‘I can’t believe that this has happened or this is where it’s got’. I’m very excited the world can make these easily at home and have one of the things they love in their life again. There are probably a lot of people, when they first go SANE, they probably think that they’re never going to eat ice cream again. Now, that is no longer the case.

Jonathan: Again, this is proof-positive, Carrie. We’ve said in previous episodes and some listeners may have had a hard time believing. Do you have cheat days? Both of us have answered, “When you’re completely satisfied with something, be it eating or be it relationship with a human being, there’s no need to cheat. Why would you ever need to cheat? If you’re not missing anything, there’s no need to cheat on anything.” What you’ve shown here is that you have dessert and you have some SANE ice cream.

Carrie: And you’re not cheating. You aren’t cheating.

Jonathan: You’re not cheating at all.

Carrie: Yeah.

Jonathan: The other thing, Carrie, is you talk about some of the key characteristics of the ice cream. You mentioned some that’s dairy-free, some sugar…blah, blah, blah… Can you tell us a little bit more about some of these key characteristics your taste-testers have identified as being, let’s call them, ‘selling points’ maybe?

Carrie: Difficult to describe on air other than to say that you would not know. They’re creamy like traditional ice creams or like premium ice creams, actually. They’re not as dense but that’s by virtue of the chemistry of traditional ice cream – the ingredients versus mine – but they scoop the same, they look the same, and they taste every bit as good.

Jonathan: I believe, you said you had some recipes which are not – and this is cool, folks! When you see the recipes, we’ll talk more about the ingredients in our second ice cream episode which you will hear next week but you have things like no added sugars and some of these don’t have dairy in them and some of them don’t have this. There are some people, not people that just call themselves SANE, but people who may call themselves ‘lacto-vegan’ or whatever. What are some of the key characteristics that may appeal to those people?

Carrie: Well, I can’t give you numbers because I don’t remember the exact split, but in order to be SANE, I had to find a way to up the protein content. So there are some that have whey protein added to them to do that, but I am aware that there are quite a few people out there who either can’t or don’t want to eat dairy, and so I also produced some that do not have whey protein in. They still have the high protein, but no whey. Not all recipes can be all things to all people.

Jonathan: Exactly.

Carrie: But I’ve tried to put some recipes in there for every group of people that I could think of so that there’s something if you’re vegetarian SANE, if you’re dairy-free SANE, if you’re whatever you are….

Jonathan: Diabetic SANE.

Carrie: Diabetic SANE, there’s something in there that you can have. Because I think everybody should have ice cream that tastes fantastic but actually supports your health and body fat goal. I don’t think it should be an ‘either/or’ thing. I think you should be able to have it all. And now, you can.

Jonathan: Have your cake and eat it, too. Quite literally.

Carrie: Yes.

Jonathan: Folks, I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of the possibilities here because it’s amazing! But right now, there are really just two categories. There is this real ice cream, which will make you sick if you eat it too long, and then there’s diet ice cream, which will make you sick if you eat it too long because of the chemicals.

Carrie: And it tastes nasty.

Jonathan: And it tastes nasty. So, what if you could literally, it sounds too good to be true but what if you had something that tastes like the real deal because it IS the real deal. That’s the thing. You know this, a lot of listeners out there. When you start understanding the diversity of options available to you when you go SANE or if you’ve tried any other of Carrie’s recipes, like her Stroganoff recipes or her lasagna recipes, it’s just a different way of doing it. It’s not like the diet way of doing it; it’s just you use different whole, natural, healthy, healing foods. Because of that, you get a different result in terms of your metabolism, but your taste buds are still rockin’ and rollin’ without all the chemicals or without all the sugars or without all the artificial fats. Just awesome!

Carrie: The other thing, some of you who’ve got a great sense of humor, you will be able to feed this to people who know nothing about SANEity, who pooh-pooh what you’re doing; all of those people. You will be able to serve them up this ice cream and from tasting it, they will have absolutely no idea that it is SANE.

Jonathan: Carrie, that’s really what I want to close on. I think these ice creams – it’s about so much more than ice cream, right? Because if you tell someone this is healthy, the image they get in their mind is not a positive one.

Carrie: Right. And it’s not tasty.

Jonathan: So let’s stop saying, “It’s healthy.” We could just say, “Here’s some ice cream.” We know its smarter ice cream. We know its SANE ice cream. But just serve it as ice cream and watch. Then, as people smile and savor it and you mention, “You know, this is SANE. This is smarter ice cream.” A little light bulb will go off in their head because they will say, “Oh my gosh! If ice cream can heal me, if I live this lifestyle, what other things could I be eating while healing myself simultaneously?” When ‘healthy’ becomes delicious, I think we might have that tipping point that we need to save the hundreds of millions of lives that need to be saved currently in the world.

Carrie: It also just makes it a lot easier. It just makes it easier. If you’re following a lifestyle, not eating certain things that you always have, if the things that you are eating are delicious, it’s just so much easier to stick to it and to just keep on going because why would you go back to something that’s harming you if what isn’t harming you tastes better?

Jonathan: Exactly. You feel even better because you know you’re doing it smarter. It’s like walking out of that store knowing you’ve got that beautiful dress or that beautiful suit and you’ve got it on sale! One two punch.

Carrie: Yay!

Jonathan: So, folks, obviously we haven’t told you the title of the book because we’re not 100% locked on it yet, but when this airs – certainly we will not air it until the book is available. Check it out. We’ll have it up on Carrie Brown’s blog. We’ll also have it up on the smarterscienceofslim.com. Of course, you’ll be able to find it on Amazon. I think the best bet would probably be to search for, just search for Carrie Brown.

Carrie: Carrie Brown ice cream.

Jonathan: Search for Carrie Brown ice cream.

Carrie: It will have ice cream in the title.

Jonathan: It will have ice cream in the title. Search for Carrie Brown ice cream. It’s glorious! Next week, Carrie, we’re going to talk a bit more about ice cream. What’s on the agenda for next week?

Carrie: I have no idea. I haven’t made it up yet.

Jonathan: You haven’t made it up yet. But, folks, I think we’ll get a little bit more concrete. Certainly we’re not going to go through the entire book on the podcast, but we will give you a little bit more of a concrete understanding of what’s in store when you need to stock up for SANE ice cream. It’s going to be exciting. It’s going to be awesome. Until then – eat more, exercise less. Just do it smarter. Chat with you soon.

Carrie: See ya!

This week we have the pleasure of hearing about Carrie’s newest book which outlines how to make fat-burning amazing ice cream!

Eat Dessert First! Ice Creams: 30 fat-burning, health-boosting, delicious frozen treats (Volume 1)