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SANE 101 / Lesson 8

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How To Make Slim Simple and Healthy Enjoyable

The question: when did “healthy” and “fit” start making us “heavy” and “sick”? Since the 1970’s we’ve been told we need to eat less and exercise more. Today more of us are dieting and exercising than ever and yet more of us are overweight and diabetic than ever. What’s going on here?! Staying healthy is one of the most basic abilities we have as human beings. This cannot be that confusing. Remember not too long ago when we didn’t know what calories were, let alone count them, and almost nobody was obese or diabetic? How did that work?? Did everyone from our distant ancestors up until a few decades ago know something we don’t? How were they able to stay fit, healthy and slim so simply? Without all the confusing calorie counting, diet and exercise programs we have today? Without all the expensive pills, powders and potions we have today? Without even really trying?? How were they able to stay so slim so simply?

Well they’re not alone. There are millions of people today who are able and fortunate enough to stay fit much like our ancestors did. We all know at least one of these lucky people. I’m talking about naturally thin people. People who are somehow able to eat a lot, exercise a little and mysteriously still stay slim. What’s the secret?? What’s the mystery? The code? The puzzle? What’s the key? What’s the answer? What is the secret???…

What if it wasn’t a secret? What if the most brilliant minds in the scientific and medical communities knew how to make our bodies work more like those of naturally thin people. How to get back to our body’s natural ability to stay slim and healthy without counting calories or spending hours exercising. How to enjoy lives of simple slimness and health like 90% of us did just decades ago. An approach that worked to heal us rather than starve us? That enables our body to burn fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year rather than just a few hours at the gym? That helped us to eat smarter and live better. The answer. Is here.

Over 1,100 international research studies and the best peer reviewed scientific and medical minds around the world have found it. The truth to healing our bodies rather than fighting them so we can start making healthy healthy again. An approach that isn’t rooted in failed theory, outdated dogma, confusing money making schemes or shady politics, but in simple science. An approach that food, fitness and pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know! An approach that those fitness groups and pharmaceutical marketing companies don’t want you to know! Something that is so simple, so easy, more and more Americans today are achieving it, and you can too. To begin, you must first free yourself from the last few decades of dietary misinformation. Forget about starving yourself. Starvation and deprivation are not healthy! Besides, the largest increase in obesity and diabetes in history took place alongside the largest increase of dieting in history…so, why would anyone tell us that more dieting is the answer?! As Einstein so delicately put it, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity!” Enough is enough! Forget about counting calories and confusing math. Start thinking about common sense and simple biology.

But wait a minute, doesn’t counting calories work? Maybe, but why do we suddenly need to count calories when we were slimmer and healthier before we even knew what a calorie was? Besides, calorie math does not at all work the way that we’ve been taught. For example, its been proven that on average we are consuming about 300 more calories per person per day than we were in the late 70’s. Between then and now that adds up to well over 3,150,000 more calories per person, which if the starvation is healthy, count calories, your metabolism works like math premise were true means that the average American today should weigh well over 900lbs more than the average American in the 1970’s… Over 900lbs… Lucky for us, biology doesn’t work like math, it works like biology.

Think about the biology of your body like a sink. When a sink is working properly, more water poured in means more water drains out. The water level may rise temporarily, but the sink will automatically take care of that. A healthy body works similarly, automatically balancing us out. That’s why we each haven’t gained even close to the 900lbs we should have gained since the 70s if we needed to manually balance calories. Our body is designed to burn more when we eat more and burn less when we take less in… Just like we use the bathroom less when we drink less and more when we, you know. A health body is designed to balance itself out. More in, more out, automatically. Less in, less out, automatically. The only time water level stays high is when the sink becomes clogged. When the sink loses its ability to take care of more in with more out.

When does a sink get clogged? When the wrong quality of things are put in it. Things that do not belong. And when a sink is clogged, any amount of water in, no matter how small, will cause the water level to rise and stay high. Well wait! Why don’t we just turn the faucet down even more? Cut the water off all together and keep the water level down forever??? Well that could work, except for the fact that you would inevitably starve to death. The answer is not to cut off food entirely but instead to fix the underlying problem. We must unclog our sink. Our bodies become hormonally clogged when we put the wrong quality of food in them, causing the level of body fat to stay elevated. Eating less is just like turning the faucet down, it doesn’t actually fix anything and doesn’t do a thing about the clog. We can keep our drain and body from overflowing simply by only putting things in them they were designed to handle. By focusing on quality rather than quantity. Much like no quantity of clean water will ever clog a sink, no quantity of the high quality clean foods we were designed to eat will ever clog our body. Eat smarter, not less. Problem solved. Wait, so… what do I eat??? You eat clean, high quality, hormonal clog clearing foods that will restore you body’s natural ability to keep you slim. And those are?… So glad you asked.

The quality of calories depends on four fascinating factors. Satiety : how quickly calories fill us up and how long they keep us full. Aggression: how likely those calories can be stored as body fat. Nutrition: how many nutrients those calories provide. And efficiency: how many calories can be stored as body fat. The more satisfying, unaggressive, nutritious and inefficient a calorie is, the higher its quality. The more SANE it is. The more body-fat-burning hormones it triggers, helping to clear our clog and prevent overeating. The more unsatisfying, aggressive, not nutritious and efficient a calorie is, the lower its quality. The more inSANE it is. The more body-fat-storing hormones it triggers, contributing to our clog and encouraging overeating.

When we eat SANE high quality calories, we provide our body with an abundance of nutrition, automatically avoid overeating because these calories are so satisfying, and create a hormonal environment that dissolves our metabolic clog. They are like a liquid plumber for our biological sink. When we see how SANE foods heal us, why it’s so much simpler to eat more of them instead of starving ourselves is clear. And they are easy to identify because there are only three primary factors controlling the SANEity of food: water, fiber and protein. Water, fiber and protein rich foods are SANE. Foods such as non-starchy vegetables, seafood, nutritious meats, plain greek yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, low-sugar fruits such as berries and citrus, and whole food natural fats such as nuts and seeds. On the other hand, dry, relatively low fiber and low protein foods are inSANE. Starches and sweets such as soda, juice, cookies, candy, bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes, and bagels are just a few of the inSANE foods that will contribute to a hormonally clogged sink.

When choosing your SANE foods, seek short ingredients lists and stay on the perimeter of your grocery store. Avoid heavily packaged and processed “food”. If your grandma wouldn’t recognize it, don’t eat it. The more natural it is, the more SANE it is.

Smarter eating, staying clog free and staying slim simply like our ancestors and our naturally thin friends is easy simple. We eat way more non-starchy vegetables, way more seafood and nutritious meats, more low-sugar fruit and more nuts and seeds. We get so full and satisfied from eating as many SANE foods as we want, whenever we want, that we’re too full for dessert! So go ahead! Double the portion of your nutritious high protein main dish triple that side of non-starchy SANE veggies! Eating at an Asian restaurant? Eat all of the protein and vegetable main dish rather than half the dish and lots of rice. Eating somewhere else? Simply tell your server to hold the starch and double the veggies and then chow down leaving no room for dessert. Never go hungry again! Stay so full of good that you don’t have any room for bad!

Remember, non-starchy vegetables, nutritious protein, fruits, nuts, and seeds were the only foods available to us while our metabolic system evolved, so when you think about it, it really makes sense that these foods are “water” to our metabolic “sinks.” What we’re “designed” to take in. What keeps us in balance simply and what keeps us from overflowing automatically.  SANE natural, water, fiber and protein rich foods are and always have been the best fuel for our bodies. Our ancestors stayed clog-free, healthy, and slim effortlessly and we can too if we stick to putting clean “water” in to our “sinks.”

So instead of complex and counterproductive starvation and calorie counting approaches that are only needed if we eat clog causing unnatural starches and sweets in the first place, let’s stick with simple science instead. Let’s stick with the fact that our biology doesn’t work like math, it works like biology! Let’s eat more, but smarter. Let’s focus on high quality food. Hunger isn’t healthy. You don’t need to exercise for hours, you don’t need expensive pills or complex prescriptions. This is not complex! This isn’t some expensive Hollywood secret that only the rich and famous know about. The secret is there is no secret! All you need is the science. The knowledge and answers that have been with us since the beginning of time. To restore your body’s natural ability to burn fat rather than store fat. The ability to use biology to heal your body instead of starving it, enabling it to work more like it is designed to, more like the body of a naturally thin person. Think about it! Just about everyone stayed healthy and fit without even trying until very very recently! Why??? Because a healthy body automatically stays in balance at a slim and healthy point. More in means more out. Because it’s not hormonally clogged by the wrong quality of food. Foods that our ancestors never had access to. Unnatural foods like processed starches, chemicals and sweets. Foods that today’s naturally thin people are genetically resistant to. And if you’re thinking “I don’t have the time or money to watch what I eat” think again! This is as easy as slapping a piece of meat on the grill or sticking a piece of fish in the oven! As cheap as steaming a few handfuls of non-starchy veggies! And I don’t know about you, a little more time in the kitchen beats a lot more time in the gym! Not to mention losing those gym membership and dietary prescription fees all together! Now who’s saving time and money?!?! You are!!! Millions of Americans today are changing their lives with the power and confidence of knowing how to change their body and you can too.

You can enjoy food again! You can eat more, but smarter! More water, fiber and protein packed foods found in nature such as non-starchy vegetables, seafood, nutritious meats like free range poultry, grass fed beef, eggs, low-sugar fruits such as berries and citrus, and whole-food natural fats like nuts and seeds. Let’s enjoy so much of them that it’s easy to avoid unnatural dry, low fiber and low protein starches and sweets. Let’s heal rather than fight our bodies with an abundance of natural nutrition and enjoy the foods that we were meant to enjoy. Foods that we were made to enjoy.

Let’s remember that starvation isn’t healthy. Food isn’t our enemy. In fact, eating an abundance of high-quality food is our most powerful and affordable tool to avoid obesity, diabetes and other diet related problems. Let’s remember that this is one of the simplest things in the world. Something that we’ve been doing for hundreds of thousands of years without even trying! Something we’re designed to do naturally. Something that we can do again, now.

Let’s stop making ourselves heavy and sick.

Let’s stop complicating healthy and fit.

Let’s start

Making healthy

Healthy again.