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Staying Slim with Dr Sara, Jonathan Bailor, and Dr Joel Fuhrman (Part 2)

Jonathan Bailor: Hey everyone back live with Dr. Sara Gottfried of the Hormone Cure. We’re having fun. Right now we’re talking about how awesome Joel Fuhrman is. And one of the things, Sara, that I wanted to dig into more deeply with you is you gave the awesome example that dandelion greens can be orders of magnitude more nutrient dense than other greens such as romaine and then we could even have this type of dandelion green from this farm down the street or one that was flown across the country. The average American eats one serving of vegetables today. How many…

Dr. Sara Gottfried: …French fries.

Jonathan Bailor: That’s usually French fries. How do many steps do we need — I mean when is there a diminishing marginal returns?

Dr. Sara Gottfried: Well, I think we need to have a revolution with the fork, right? I totally am with Mark Hyman on this. I think it’s very important that we message how crucial it is to change to more vegetables in our food plan and I think most people understand that and then there’s this gap between knowing it and doing it. So I think we need to talk also about compliance. How do you actually do this once you know what foods are the most nutrient dense. But what was your question again?

Jonathan Bailor: I mean how deep do we need to go? I mean the thing that I struggle with is when you got individuals — I mean this even described me, right. I used to not eat vegetables at all because vegetables don’t get any air time. That’s what I love what you said about we need to start a revolution. No one wants — it’s not easy being green, right? Kermit told us that decades ago. It’s not easy being green and no one out — well that’s not true, Joel’s out there celebrating vegetables, but even people who promote a plant based diet — I promote a plant-based diet — but people who ostensibly are like I am about plant-based diets generally are actually promoting more heavily the message of avoiding animal products rather than just celebrating…

Dr. Sara Gottfried: Yes.

Jonathan Bailor: …how important the fricking vegetables are and then we get in these pointless debates where we all basically agree we should eat more vegetables and if we just did that, we’d all be healthier and not have an obesity and diabetes epidemic.

Dr. Sara Gottfried: Well, I think you’re right on. I think the focus is on the wrong thing. We’re missing the forest for the trees and it’s so important to get back to the basics like what is it that you put on your plate rather than debating animal rights. So when it comes to Joel Fuhrman one really simple way to apply his strategies is to eat more salads. I mean salads I think are the best vehicle rather than saying be plant-based. And then you go out and you buy all your gluten-free crackers, and quinoa products, quinoa bars. What I would rather do is get more green on your plate. And I haven’t met Joel Fuhrman personally — I’ve had some email exchanges with him, but what I’m told by my friends who shared many meals with him is that he just orders one salad after another when you go out to dinner and I think that’s a strategy that’s very effective. Don’t get the teeny little dinner salad. No, that is your entrée.

Think of the lettuce, the greens, as your entrée and then you’re adding on your condiments so that’s one way to think about it even for breakfast. So I eat salads for breakfast. And, Jonathan, the last time I talked to you about breakfast I don’t think you were eating a salad, but it wasn’t far from it.

Jonathan Bailor: Yeah, it wasn’t a salad. So I think folks come back and join us because salads are an awesome approach. But if you are an individual who is not about salads that does not mean you need to be about green because you could be like me who is not about salads and still finds a way to eat pounds, literally pounds. I’m a larger person than Sara, but literally pounds of greens per day. Sound good, Sara?

Dr. Sara Gottfried: Sounds good. This is the best part about being in your bedroom. I get to talk about food and you’re not a salad person, I am a salad person. That’s why this dialogue is so awesome.

Jonathan Bailor: I love it, I love it. Well, the other thing that I love is if folks noticed my lighting just changed. So it’s like 85 degrees in Seattle right now which is rare so my surge protector just kicked on. We just lost power. So I’m now recording this off of battery which is wonderful. So no editing here folks. You’re going to be uncut goodness.

Dr. Sara Gottfried: And click like if you like this. I mean we’re so committed to this that we are on battery power to get it to you.

Jonathan Bailor: I love it, Sara. We’ll back shortly folks. Stick with us.