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Jonathan Bailor & Nell Stephenson: Meat in the Mail (1 of 3)

[Jonathan Bailor] Nell, I have a surprise for you

[Nell Stephenson] Oh yeah? It is not even Christmas.

[Jonathan Bailor] I have a box of meat!

[Nell Stephenson] Oh that is awesome!

[Jonathan Bailor] A big box of meat, I just had a delivery.

[Nell Stephenson] I love that, you know, this is so cool, and I think a lot of people are concerned because, if you come from a background where you are eating in fast food places a lot, or if you are going to the grocery stores once a month and stocking up on boxes of mixes, it is cheap to eat that, there is no doubt about it, so a lot of times people will approach me and say, “Well, I want to eat healthier, but I do not know if I have the budget,” and one of the things I like to explain is, yeah it could be great if everyone could shop at Whole Foods all the time and everything would be organic, but that is not practical for a lot of people’s budget. So one of the first things that I tell clients is, buy in bulk. People don’t look into it to — buying in bulk is actually super cost-effective. I mean, you can actually go into buy a whole cow or a whole pig with somebody, and you do not have to have a meat locker, you can just share it with, four neighbors, or four friends, or family members, and you have enough to last you for a long time and this is actually, a great resource, I am so glad this came when I was here so I could check it out, because this is a vender I actually have not heard of before.

[Jonathan Bailor] Yeah, so, and the thing I love about this is — so we do not have a stand-alone freezer, which can sometimes be handy, so what we do, is, like you said, get it in bulk and we get all of our meat, our beef humanely raised, sustainably raised, hormone free, completely grass-fed, but when you buy it in bulk and one: got it shipped to you, which is cool, we were talking, I think we have some liver in here, we have got some ground in here, the ground is something like nine dollars a pound, liver is sold five dollars a pound because, again, we are getting this direct from the rancher, so there is this entire layer, like people do not understand like, “Oh, it is cheap to buy these starches and sweets,” you know how many stages in the supply chains people have jacked those prices up, so not only are you getting something that is nutritionally deficient, but the reason manufacturers produce these edible products is not to help you, it is not to provide nourishment, it is also not because they are evil, they are just in the business of making money.

[Nell Stephenson] Exactly, that is the important thing, and that is why they are going to keep doing it, as long as there is demand for it.

[Jonathan Bailor] Well, let’s check out what we have got in the box.