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I Went inSANE. Now What?

with The Biggest Losers Jay and Jen Jacobs, and Jonathan Bailor

Jay: Hi Jonathan, I want to title this video True Confessions. It has been almost two months since I sent you a video and I just realized this morning that the last video I sent you was the morning before Ripley died, Ripley who was our beloved chocolate lab of 12 years, such a big part of our family and since that time I will tell you, I have struggled with just kind of getting my head back in a place where it was before. It really hit me a lot harder than I realized and that’s one of those things that anybody who had a weight problem in their life deals with emotional eating and for me I was always a secret eater. So, that’s kind of the bad news.

The good news is that after it’s been almost two months, I kind of feel like I have got my wind back, we definitely still miss Ripley deeply, but I think that I finally got my head back in line and during that time, I had a hard time exercising, but I still was able to go out and do it. My eating definitely did not go to where I wanted it to be. There was times that I kind of fell off track. I didn’t really get into any secret eating, but I just kind of like [indiscernible 00:00] maybe it was morning.

So, I just wanted to kind of clear the air and let you know that I put weight back on, I have not been eating as SANEly as I should have, definitely my clothes are tighter than they were before. I have actually taken some pictures and things to document that for myself and I would share them with people, but it could be scary, but I am a big believer in making sure that you can share things with your circle of influence. So, I have kind of [indiscernible 00:00] that to my family and friends to let people know about it. So, that’s my true confession, the fact that there comes a time and place where you kind of need to come out from under a rock and go back to the things that work for you well.

So, I wanted you to know that I am going back to the book. I am going back to the workbook. I am going to also start making sure that I share once a week my weight with people because I know that was something that was very helpful for me overall. I do have some really good news though. I reached out to Derek Johnson of New Metabolism who is the person introduced me to your book in the first place and I got my labs done and ironically because I was eating SANE, believe it or not, even during — may not the best, but overall pretty SANE in the past — ever since I started your program, which is while ago, I found out that because of that when my labs came back, it’s not that I don’t need to improve upon things, but I got an A-.

Basically, Derek said that my blood work is pretty much at an A- level. Yes, I need to just lose weight, but I am eating well and my health is in great shape. So, the good news is that your program has helped me in terms of making sure that I am eating better than I used to in the past. I am starting to transition better after Biggest Loser in terms of living the rest of my life as the best of my life.

So, that’s the good news. I am back on track, I am out from under a rock and I am hoping that my clarity, honesty, and accountability will be able to help people realize that sometimes no matter where you are at, you got to start some place and the best thing is to let people know that you are ready to go out there and get yourself back on track. So, that’s the latest. I love to hear your thoughts on that and I will talk to you soon.

Jonathan: Hey Jay, as you know, I am terribly sorry to hear about Ripley. I grew up with a black lab. It was like a sibling to me and I know how hard it was when Silver passed. So, my deepest sympathies to you and Jennifer and the rest of the family, but I am very, very encouraged to hear that you are back on track and in fact, that your SANE eating over the past year has led a metabolic framework. Those are going to set you up for a long-term success because as we have talked about a healthy body, which you are developing, seeks out slimness and seeks out fitness because that is our natural state.

So, step one is to heal the body and then step two is the body takes care of everything else and that’s a really profound mindset change because it accounts for and forgives us. If we do sometimes go off the ranch a little bit because again think about it like a healthy immune system. If we have a healthy immune system and happen to go off the ranch and get a cold, that’s all right, our healthy immune system will get us back to health, but if our immune system itself is broken down, that’s when we are really in bad shape. So, eating SANE foods or exercising intelligently, we are healing ourselves first.

Secondarily, the weight comes off and the other thing I would like to mention and I am happy that you are not beating yourself up too much for this emotional eating. We hear so much about this, but the reality is that we all emotionally eat all the time. I say this because unless we were to eat unflavored goop at every meal, we always use our emotions to identify foods that we enjoy and the foods we eat.

So, the key though is to recalibrate our taste buds and to recalibrate our emotions to simply focus on SANE delicious foods of which there are many. So, it is not about not eating food or even feeling bad when we do eat food or maybe even eat too much of that food. The key is when we do eat food, to eat the right kinds of food and in doing so to heal our body so that if we overdo it on occasion, our body just naturally rebounce as we saw in studies in the Smarter Science of Slim where people would overeat, but never gain the amount of weight expected by traditional calorie math because they were hormonally healed.

So, again, it’s all about that food quality about healing ourselves first and when we do that, even if we experience bumps in the road; first, they won’t be big bumps because there will be bumps eating the right kinds of food and two, even if we do go completely off the ranch, we will have that healthy metabolic immune system to bring us back to normal easily.

So, all of my congratulations to you on developing that healthy body. It sounds like you are back on track and also my kudos to you for what is unquestionably a healthy mind because the clarity and the accountability that you are bringing to this are just phenomenal and inspirational. So, glad to have you back Jay.