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Mez’s Success Story: 3 Kids & 20 Years Later, I’m Looking & Feeling My Best!

by Mez Foz

“After my 3rd baby I was topping 212lbs. I have lost 56.4lbs & have more energy at 41 than I did in my 20s!”

After the birth of my third baby I was overweight and very unhappy, when my son was 17 months old I was topping 212lbs (96.6kg) which was heavier than when I was pregnant at full term. I started out and did ok with just reducing my portions, but then I plateaued. I was focused on portion control and calorie counting but not on food quality.

When I “went SANE” I cut out processed foods, I stopped eating wheat products (which were causing me many stomach issues with pain and bloating) and I cut out sugar in my morning cup of coffee. I replaced them with mounds of non-starchy vegetables, healthy proteins and fats, as well as berries and citrus fruits.

My body shape changed so much! I stopped bloating and feeling “blergh!” Now, I rarely desire sweet foods anymore, which is huge as I have always had a sweet tooth!

So far through following a SANE lifestyle and just continuing to walk when I can, I have dropped 56.4lbs and have more energy at nearly 41 than I did in my 20′s & 30′s 🙂

I can’t imagine eating any other way now, so thank you SANE for making it easy for me to get into the shape I never expected to be in my 40′s.

Mez Foz