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Keeping SANE Simple

SANE is simple.  It’s not easy, but it is simple.

The reason it isn’t easy is because we are fighting years and years and years of misinformation.  Years of ‘common sense’ that really isn’t common sense at all and all of it based on flawed logic and outright lies masking as science.

I wanted to write this post for our new SANE members – to let you know that we know there is a lot of absorb here.  SANE is based on thousands of research papers and Jonathan has spent years creating the content that you see here that helps explain that science in a way that we can actually use in our day to day lives.

You don’t need to absorb all of it in the first month.  You have a lifetime to understand the hows and whys and you have this amazing community to  help you along the way.

As explained in the 7 day to SANE Jump Start Guide, there are small steps you can take each day to become more and more SANE.  Remember this isn’t a race.  It’s about long term health and wellness!

Years ago, before I went SANE (but when I was on a diet) I would have had a ryvita for lunch with some cottage cheese and a packet of diet cup-a-soup.  My SANE version of that looks like this

It’s a cup of tea with almond milk.  Two protein crackers with some ham, cottage cheese and tomato.  In the bowl is some capsicum (bell pepper?) cucumber and button mushrooms.  For the app it’s about 1 Whole food Fat, 1 Nutrient Dense Protein, and 3 Non Starchy Vegetables. (or maybe 4).  I’m too full to eat the extra vegetables in this moment, so I will put them back in the fridge for afternoon tea – but that’s fine.

When I make this again I’ll have one cracker rather than two – simple lesson learned.  I made all of this while the kettle was boiling for my tea – so it’s not only simple but quick too.

What I’m trying to illustrate is that you can keep your SANE foods simple and pretty much as they were before you even heard of SANE by switching out some of the inSANE stuff (in my case I’ve switched a ryvita for a protein cracker – but I’d still call it a SANE meal with a regular ryvita for someone who tolerates wheat well.  I’ve also switched the “soup” (aka partially hydrogenated artificial flavours) for extra veggies and a cup of tea.

If you still feel overwhelmed then my advice is to take it back a notch.  Look at what you’re going to have for your next meal and try to make that as SANE as you can without having to stress.  If you’re not sure – go into the coaching and support group and ask and the SANE certified coaching team will help you out

– by Rebecca Sjövold, Qualified Psychologist, Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach