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SANE 104

SANE 104

“Just as an experiment, stop for a minute, and see yourself as I do. Step away from all that self-doubt, all the noise in your head, and notice how brave you are, how good, how strong. Can you see it? Now look deeper. There’s more. A light about you, almost. Something that separates you from the others. Your spirit shines. Stop for a minute. Believe. There is magic inside you.” – Unknown

“If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” – Thomas A. Edison



Break Out of Calorie Jail

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Proven Modern Science

Eat MORE, Exercise LESS—Smarter...The Proven Food-Quality Approach View Lesson

Bust Calorie Myths Part 1

Free yourself from the Balanced Breakfast Myth, Calorie Myth, & Eating On the Go Myth View Lesson

Harder Than Quitting Smoking

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Bust Calorie Myths Part 2

Free yourself from the Not Delicious, Takes Too Long, and Too Expensive Myths View Lesson

Harder vs. Smarter at Skidmore

Making Biology a Matter of Opinion...Irrelevant Opinions About Proven Science... View Lesson

SANE 104 Graduation Celebration...

Just as an experiment, stop for a minute, and see yourself as I do... View Lesson