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Strawberry Passion Blast

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The Top Two Ways to Use SANE Smoothies to Reach Your Goals

1) The "All Veggie" Smoothie
Goal: Easily increase your veggie intake.

Since the goal of these smoothies is *only* to increase your veggie intake, be sure to *exclude* any protein and fats in the smoothie's ingredients list. These "all veggie" smoothies are the perfect way to add veggies to a meal which already contains protein and fat. For example, drink one of these smoothies along with an egg (fat) and egg white (protein) scramble to ensure your breakfast is a Complete SANE Meal (veggies, protein, and fat). Also, these "all veggie" smoothies can be enjoyed throughout the day to help you easily reach your daily veggie servings goal.

2) The "Complete SANE Meal" Smoothie
Goal: Quickly prepare a convenient meal.

Since these smoothies serve as your entire meal, they should contain 2-5 servings of Non-Starchy Veggies, 1-2 servings of Nutrient-Dense Protein, and (if needed) 1-2 servings of Whole-Food Fats. The most delicious and effective way to add Whole-Food Fats to any smoothie is to add a serving of unsweetened shredded coconut or avocado, and then to blend as usual.