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How To Get Started

How To Get Started

IMPORTANT TIP: You can take an interactive guided tour of exactly how to enjoy your Step-By-Step Program by clicking here.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT TIP: The fastest way to cause insanity and inSANEity is to try to do everything at once. Please give yourself permission to take a deep breath and gradually work through your Step-By-Step plan one step/lesson per day before doing anything else. Remember, we’re doing this for the next 30+ years vs. the next 30 days. With patience and compassion, you CAN do it, and we will help!



Avoid Overwhelm

How To Stay sane While Going SANE ;) View Lesson

7 Days to SANE Jump Start eBook...

Immediately Enjoy Food Lists, Grocery Lists, Serving Size Guides, and More! View Lesson

Get Started Simply

Your Personal Homepage & Step-By-Step Program View Lesson

Speed Up Your Results & Set Go...

How To Define and Achieve Your SANE Success View Lesson

Find Delicious SANE Recipes

Your SANECertified Ultimate Recipe Collection & Weekly Meal Plans + Grocery Lists View Lesson

Get Kind Coaching Today

Your Communication and Help Hub... Here you will find your private messaging center, coaching, updates, support, and more! View Lesson

App: Track & Get Feedback Quic...

App How To: Have Fun Food Journaling and Getting Immediate Feedback View Lesson

How To: Happy and Slim in 5 Minutes Per Day

The secret to rewiring your brain to make SANE choices easier...in less than 5 minutes per day View Lesson

Magic Pill? Your Online Gratitude Journal

In 30 seconds per day you can improve your mood and SANE choices more than most medications View Lesson

Save Time & Money Long-Term

Your SANE Superfoods Store Savings View Lesson

How-To Info At Your Own Pace

Your Library of SANE Eating & Exercise Resources View Lesson

Get Instant Answers Easily

Your One-of-a-Kind SANE Concierge Service View Lesson

Orientation Graduation Celebration...

As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. View Lesson